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  • snugglebunny
    If the monarchy were done away with, then we'd simply finish up with a prime minister and a president to replace the monarch as happens in France. Plus, the UK monarch does, at least in theory, have the power of veto over the government should they decide to vote themselves in perpetuity. The monarch also has no political axe to grind and therefore can be far more objective than an elected leader.
  • getanewplanstan

    Her experience is much like a "born in" witness. She is going through the motions of an unreality, a figment, to be dutiful to her parents, grandparents and sacrificing a "normal" life, Always careful not to show her true self, knowing that everyone would not want that. Even though she appears to live in luxury, it is a prison of non anonymity, anonymity a far more valuable luxury. She deserves good Karma. Hopefully she was not a part of the nastiness during the colonial decoupling ... or sought forgiveness ...

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