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  • dozy

    An interesting read about the bible ( written by an ex-JW who used to post on this forum ) was the "Athiest Book of Bible Stories" ( free PDF download here.... )

    It contained quite a lot of interesting information about many contradictions and errors in the bible ( and about JWs ) that I had never realised , despite being a JW for 40 years , as well as others that I had long considered a bit dubious.

    As a side project to amuse oneself for a few hours , looking at the references in the Insight book where the Society try manfully and painfully to explain away some of the discrepancies ( many they perhaps wisely choose to ignore completely ) is an exercise in classic Watchtower Society ambiguity and double speak. Frankly , I wish I had read it 30 years ago , if it was available.

  • ttdtt


    One thing I thought of recently that disproves Adam and the whole "perfect man" thing.

    If Adam was perfect, why would he need to ejaculate 300+ million sperm?
    A woman normally releases 1 egg that carries her DNA.

    Each male sperm has the identical DNA in it, so has nothing to do with variety.
    Thre is MASSIVE competition for sperm to get to that 1 egg.
    May sperm are deformed, many are slow, some are just bad swimmers.
    The STRONGEST sperm has the best chance. That is how evolution designed it.
    If Adam was perfect, each of his SPERM would be perfect.
    He would not need 1/2 a billion to try and maybe get the job done.

    And if someone says, well now that we are imperfect...
    Well, so where does it say that god changed the human body after adam sinned?
    It says he could not get to the tree of life.

    Any time you look at anything, science and evolution win over mythology, which is what the bible is.

  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone

    Finding out that the entire religion is little more than a money-laundering scam and paedophile shield

  • joe134cd

    That for the most part of human history god has never had a visible organisation. The nation of Israel, for the most part was deeply devided, and God used individuals rather than a top down rule to correct it.

  • JaniceA

    God is under the impression that virginity can be proven or disproven by tokens of virginity (blood in sheets). God directed women to be stoned if they didn’t have token. God is evidently an ignorant stone aged man.

  • scratchme1010
    The bible

    Horror by finding about too many people making important life decisions based on the nonsense written there, thousands of years ago in archaic languages and written at the time when humankind was the most naive about the world around them.


    I found that I can have/have has (so far) a great life having that concept out of it altogether. Nothing bout that concept bother me, and I feel good about not giving a damn one way or another.


    It will always remain a theory since we cannot travel back in time and witness what happened, but it really makes a whole lot of more sense than the story of some woman coming out a man's rib, and some serpent tempting them... you know the rest.


    The existence of Satan was my first doubt about all Christian religions. The existence of that character makes a lot less sense than their Jehovah.


    There's plenty of historical proof that Jesus of Nazareth existed and was in fact a real person. That's as far as I care about Jesus, and that's all I needed to find out. Other than that, everything about Jesus being the son of God, walking on water an resurrecting people is nonsense. I like the South Park and Family Guy Jesuses better.

    Religions in general

    The most important things I learned about religion in general are:

    • They are to be respected as they do play an important role in society. Some people need it in order to have a sense of structure in their lives, a way of socializing, and access to some community services.
    • They should exist and remain, in fact, considering the insane raise of violence in the USA, and all the hate, and all the racism, and all the crap that people waste their time doing, religion seems like a better alternative.
    • Just like anything else, religion can be abused and used for malicious purposes. Religious abuse is the cause of many mental health problems in people (source of information as to why I say that)
    How did the information you found affect or change your whole belief system?

    It has made me better informed and sensitive to other people's feelings and believes. The most important thing is that it took away that ridiculous grandiose attitude that many JWs develop for being in "the truth" (I was no exception). In reflection, I cannot believe how disrespectful of other people's believes and feelings I was. If you see some of my posts, imagine me when I was convinced that I had the one and only truth.

    The more research I'm doing the less I'm starting to believe in anything to do with the bible, religion and God

    If I can suggest or opine, research, read and learn with no expectation in mind. Don't do it to proof anything right or wrong, just listen, read and research and keep an open mind. If at all, you will be more human and sensitive to why some people hold on to what they believe.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Rutherford mansion in San Diego and in the deed David, Abraham,Isaac, Jacob and Daniel..

  • slimboyfat

    Curiously difficult question for me to answer. Maybe I'm not reflective enough.

    But among the surprises to me were finding that Charles Taze Russell believed 1) that there are historical mistakes in the Bible 2) that animals may have evolved into their different species rather than being direct creations 3) that Jesus is to be worshipped 4) that many forerunners of the Bible Students were genuine Christians and 5) that all, or most humans will be saved by God in the end.

    All of which are pretty good ideas that JWs would do well to revisit, in my view.

  • cofty
    Evolution: It will always remain a theory since we cannot travel back in time - scratchme

    A scientific theory does not mean something less than a fact. It is an explanation for a whole body of facts and observations. It is itself a fact as certain as anything else you can claim to know beyond all reasonable doubt.

    Sorry this is off-topic but it is such a basic misunderstanding that has been explained countless times in the past.

  • cofty
    The bible

    That it promotes a moral code that is as debased as that of an Afghan warlord


    If he was more than a fictional character he would be a moral monster


    Too much to mention. Probably the most fascinating stuff relates to embryonic development - evo devo - and how small changes in DNA can result in significant changes in phenotype.


    He doesn't even appear in the bible until after the Babylonian exile


    He worshipped and adored the monstrous god of the Old Testament. He was a false prophet and a destroyer of families.

    Religions in general

    Some are more toxic than others. Some serve a useful social function that secularism struggles to replace.

    How did the information you found affect or change your whole belief system?

    Radically! I no longer look for patterns in the vicissitudes of life. 'Shit happens'. Find pleasure in all the good things that happen every day. This is the only life we will ever have. We are the lucky ones.

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