Hysterically tragic - the west stuffs up in Syria

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  • Driving Force
    Driving Force


    This is a pretty horrendous story, it has the ring of truth, the citizenship bit about Canada is in the press. Whether this story is true or not the phrase "nothing to live for" epitomizes what a good many people are experiencing.

  • Je.suis.oisif
    Driving Force. That's the phrase that chokes me. Some have stated "why are the refugees not cooperating with the Hungarian Authorities. They're acting quite aggressively"? I'm like shouting at the tv. "They're bloody desperate! They've nothing left. What more can you take away from those that feel they've nothing left to lose".
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Once in Turkey, the Turkish government did not provide them with assistance

    I read that the Kurdi family stayed in an Istanbul flat for three years, the rent being paid for by a relative in Canada.

  • Je.suis.oisif

    LUHE. Just googled fathers name. Came up with this link.


    I really can't comprehend how much is out there. I should have researched sources before posting. I don't know what to believe. [Head in hands in despair].

  • ssn587
    I only need to know that they are ?Islamist, knowing that is enough for me and wanting them dead. They are the Vermin of the world, with early Mosacian beliefs in who should and shouldn't be killed.
  • kaik

    Islamic terrorists are operating in Europe for at least decade. They predate Arab Spring and been active while European press is refusing to even talk about it. When Madrid train attack happened, Spanish government attempted to blame Basque terror group even when it was known that it was Islamic terror attack. France does not have enough resources to deal with them; while European masses are brainwashed by left-wing media, that everything is ok. Anyone who disagree with them is labeled as xenophobe, racist, nationalists, etc. Entire Eastern block is demonized by German, French, and Austrian press, just because these countries want to choose who will can be admitted according local laws and Dublin II treaty.

    Last week several NATO generals from Eastern block said it clearly that there is coordinated push of refugees from powerhouses to destabilize European Union. Only 36% of immigrants rioting in Hungary were true Syrians. I will see it that Schengen will collapse by winter or spring. Germany does not have enough prestige, money, and power to bully rest of Europe to submission. The big showdown I will see will happen will be with Poland as it is the least committed country on continent to accept any refugee quotas. Poland made it clear that it will not get barked by Merkel and any interference into its internal affairs from German side would mean a war. With the collapse of "free movement" in EU (Romanians, Croats, and Bulgarians are out of lack, Germany does not allow them to work in Germany), the EU project will be finished. There are two countries that would benefit from the collapse of EU, Russia and USA...

  • Saintbertholdt

    The Turtle story is very very old.

    Its actually from the Greek story teller Aesop.

    Originally it was a frog and a scorpion.

    The line: "The Scorpion replies, "Why? I stung you because this is the middle east, and that's what we do.",

    is where creative license was taken. In the original the Scorpion replies, "It's in my nature."

  • Xanthippe
    My solution would to grant them temporary asylum and as soon as it's deemed safe in their own countries, send them back again

    No offence SSC but which century are we talking about?

  • Ruby456
  • Xanthippe
    When I did my history degree it became blatantly obvious that all wars and disputes have always been about land and wealth. Religion has been just an excuse every time. From when the first hunter gatherers settled down and started to develop agriculture and the first marauder bands decided they wanted a piece of that. It's always been about the haves and the have nots.

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