They've Exposed Their Hand

by OneFingerSalute 29 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • freemindfade

    The whole watchtower was crap

    How are people not waking up???

  • Heaven
    There is no way my Father can tell anyone about Jehovah's organization. He doesn't even remember it.
  • Lieu

    Wow! ... just wow!

    Their underwear is showing ... I'm waiting to see if those drunks writing this drivel get nekkid and run the streets of NYC cursing anyone who giggles at their 'shame'. We can call them "the Noah class".

  • stuckinarut2

    And yet, while anyone is still mentally in, they just won't see this information as anything odd...

  • stuckinarut2

    So the "organisation" is on a par with or equal to "gods kingdom" then?

    But didn't G Jackson say "that it would be presumptuous to say we are speaking for God as his mouthpiece"?

  • Scully

    "beautifying the Organization"??

    Oh, I get it... LIE about how the Organization™ cares more about donations coming in than actually protecting children of JWs from predatory child molesters in their midst.

    Invite unsuspecting families to join JWs in Worship™ of [Jehovah] The Organization™, when it has been established that they further abuse victims of child sexual abuse by forcing them to recount their abuse to a panel of Elders™, in the presence of their abuser, without an adult support person (such as a parent) present.

    y'know... I think I'll pass on that. I'd rather scrub toilets in a leper colony than be responsible for directing innocent people to join that damned cult.

  • Finkelstein
    Sorry but God doesn't own an exclusive publishing house and its certainly not the false proclaiming Watchtower Corporation. The WTS. has always insinuated that god's holy spirit was guiding their organization, in reality it was just men guiding themselves into establishing their own power and control over humanity, with fatal consequences.
  • Vidiot
    Jeezus; at this point "Jehovah" has practically become the Org's f**king mascot.
  • panhandlegirl


    I was wondering the same thing, What does 'how long we have been in the truth' have to do with it?

  • Vidiot

    freemindfade - "How are people not waking up???"

    They are.

    They end up here.

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