They've Exposed Their Hand

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  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters
    Thank you, leaving-quietly :)
  • Crazyguy
    You should answer something to the effect, "that today we are encouraged to tell all about the WT organization knowing full well that the scriptures at Galation's say we will be cursed for this, but we must still endure."

    So the WTB&T$ have either intentionally or unwittingly exposed their hand..

    .................I Don`t Think It`s Their..

    .................HAND THAT`S EXPOSED..

    .......Image result for gnome mooning

  • LostGeneration

    Did you get called on OFS?

    I'm sure the troops were all over you after the meeting telling you what a fine comment you made!

  • OneFingerSalute

    OFS got called on again. Just my way of perhaps planting a few seeds subtly.

    Comment: The sub-heading refers to the organization being made MORE beautiful. Isn't in a beautiful thought presented in par. 13 how not only do we need to preach "this good news of the kingdom," as Jesus commanded we have the obligation to preach, or tell others about the (b)Organization.

    Afterwards a bother said, "As brother OFS brought out we must tell others about the Organization. Aren't we privileged to be allowed to have a greater share in beautifying the Organization?

  • millie210

    I love your comments OFS.

    I am so glad I am not sitting there because I know I would burst out laughing.

    You are good!

  • username

    What stood out for me apart from the your not worthy so get your arse into gear theme was the word "Zion," I know the watchtower was founded as a Zionist millennial religion but as the years have past the word Zion has took on a far more sinister unsavoury tone!

    Either way you look at it, Zionism is something I would never get involved with!

  • FayeDunaway

    I am dumbfounded.

    Please, please! Family I have still in it, WAKE UP!!! This is so wrong and unscriptural and sinister.... I can't stand it.

  • Watchtower-Free
  • FayeDunaway
    I don't understand what the 'regardless how long we have been in the truth' part is trying to convey. Anyone have any ideas? Like, maybe if people have been a witness a long time, they know they're supposed to direct people to Jehovah, but they better direct them to the org?

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