Women are COWS!

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    Welcome to the board!

    Looooved your joke! Hee! Hee!


  • JanH
    i hardly know what to say!!!! that is one of the most retarded articles i have ever read. i've also found it true, that, in the witness world, a man can fall into the same temptation without having to deal with shame, guilt, a ruined reputation, etc. men who sleep around have a "hard time controlling their urges", while women doing the same thing are generally looked at as "sluts". which stigma would you rather deal with? even when i expect it, the ignorance sometimes astounds me.-nate

    This, alas, is not a problem specific to the JWs. Being perceived as "easy" or, worse, a "slut" will make a young woman socially ostracized. Other women will treat her like the lowest scum on earth. And the men, while feeling free to take advantage of her sexually, will nevertheless also consider her a lower lifeform.

    Hence the common question, "will he respect me in the morning?". That this question is even considered sane speaks volumes about how people perceive female sexuality.

    - Jan
    "Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate." - Occam

  • dedalus
    Good thing for us modern women we have intuitive, sensitive guys like you around:)

    Ah, shucks. Thanks!

    My mom was wondering how the bovine metaphor would apply to lesbians ... guess we'll have to wait for another brilliant nature analogy for that one!


  • Yadirf

    If only two-wife-Lamech had himself known, and taught his daughter (Naamah) what “Fred Franz” had learned and discussed in the ’61 WT, he very possibly wouldn’t have become a murderer -- the second life-taker in the history of mankind. But, as a close examination of the story indicates, Lamech was a materialist … far too busy with other things than to assure that his only daughter received needed education regarding sexual matters. Poor Lamech, listen to his words of anguish:

    “Hear my voice, you [two] wives of [mine];
    Give ear to my saying:
    A man I have killed for wounding me,
    Yes, a young man for giving me a blow [raping my daughter]….”

    Read the entire account of poor ole Lamech’s affairs at Genesis 4:19-24.

    Yes, Naamah was undoubtedly the victim of statutory rape. Oh how she could have benefited from information such as that contained in the ’61 Watchtower! Also, can you picture poor ole Lamech … rocking his new grandchild … a child whose father he had murdered in a fit of rage. Possibly, Lamech, although he initially (during the fit of rage) could see only the fault of the “young man” who had raped his daughter, ultimately came to the realization that the whole sad thing was primarily due to his own neglect.


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    to the
    Moo Order


    Bovine Bliss

    Happiest Herd on Earth

    Chewing on the Kult Kud

    In the Pasturer's Paradise


  • heff

    ....If he did approach he would not receive a hearty welcome, but, rather, he might be gored by the cow's horns.....

    I can personally attest to this statement....scars to prove it

  • Sunchild


    My mom was wondering how the bovine metaphor would apply to lesbians ... guess we'll have to wait for another brilliant nature analogy for that one!
    <snicker> Y'know, before I stepped in right in a big, steaming pile of The Truth, I, like many 16-year-old girls, had a boyfriend. He was sweet, good-looking, charming and a wonderful friend, and he was DEFINITELY interested in me in every sense of the word. Interestingly enough, we never went past kissing. I just never wanted to; I thought it was because, as much as I liked him, he just wasn't "The One."

    Before the boyfriend was some guy I'd known before who I made out with in a shopping mall. (He was good-looking, I guess; he looked like a guy who most girls would find attractive.) Anyway, he liked it; I felt absolutely nothing, even though plenty of other girls had told me it was fun. As with the boyfriend, I assumed that it didn't feel right because he wasn't The One.

    Many years later, I had a best friend -- a girl. One day, she kissed me, and I swear that I saw fireworks and heard the sound of violins. I FINALLY knew what all the fuss was about, and to be honest, it took everything both of us had to keep our clothes on through the end of the day. Even though we're just friends again and I don't think we're in love, it's still all but impossible for us not to steal a kiss now and then.

    Since I'm pretty sure that this has absolutely nothing to do with making babies, I'm every bit as curious as your mother is!


    "Most men complacently accept 'knowledge' as 'truth'. They are sheep, ruled by fear."
    -- Sydney Losstarot, "Vagrant Story."

  • think41self


    Great pic, great play on words.

    Heff, Sorry about your scars, bud. Next time may be you should wait for that "heat alert" device that let's you know the time is right:>


    Maybe none of it has anything to do with making babies, but everything to do with making a life for yourself and being happy:>


  • rollercoaster

    If we drive by a field of cows, and moo at them (I'm sure everyone has at one time or another) are we making a pass at them? Or maybe giving a sexual insult?

    Just curious


  • jezebel influence
    jezebel influence

    Sounds like Fred Franz was a man with real admiration for Gods creatures -especialy the farm type.
    HHmmmmm maybe thats why he never married.....

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