Are Jehovahs Witnesses headed towards becoming one of the most controversial and talked about religions on YouTube

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  • UnshackleTheChains

    Given the numerous videos on YouTube about all the scandals and controversies of the Watchtower Bible and tract society. Are they headed to becoming one of the most infamous religious groups in the world for all the wrong reasons?

  • jwundubbed


    Can you cite one video out of all those that has gone viral and has over 100 million views? The most viewed content has over a billion views. I've never seen any JW content videos with anything even close to a million views.
    As far as I can tell the ex-JW videos are not trending and never have been. The anti-LGBT kids videos got some minimal attention. But so far, I haven't seen any JW videos get any real attention.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    If by mean corrupt, loathsome, rotten, vile and wicked...then yes! If the WTBTS hasn't gotten there yet, they're well on their way! :)

  • steve2

    Are they headed to becoming one of the most infamous religious groups in the world for all the wrong reasons?

    As jwundubbed said, no ex-JW video has ever gone viral (over 100 million views) - although the one about the school student who spoke about her devastating experiences as a JW attracted hundreds of thousands of views - and may well be into the million-plus but yes, no where near 100 million.

    JW videos on you-tube only ever attract small numbers.

    A better question is, how does the number of ex-JW youtube videos and per-video views compare with youtube videos by former members of other religious groups? Now that's a very interesting research question which focuses on relative size with no pretence of 'going viral'.

    A simple comparison would be helpful.

    Count the current number of youtube videos by ex-JWs, list the per-video views for each video and then calculate the average number of views per video.

    Next, count the current number of youtube videos respectively by ex-Mormons, ex Scientologists, ex-Christian fundamentalists, list the per-video views for each video and then calculate the average number of views per video.

    Now, stop asking and start researching....

  • Cimarrona

    I think a lot of us carry the idea that Jehovah's witnesses are the center of the universe into our post-dub lives. They are, at most and only according to themselves, a few million people in the entire world. No one (relatively speaking) cares about them, some people have never heard of them and most of those who have aren't checking for them on the internet or anywhere else.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The answer was already covered but I still find it amazing that ex-JW's need the Internet and discussion so much more than other groups. You don't see as much EX Mormons discussion or videos or hardly any EX anything else on the internet. But we're still a small percentage of a small percentage of the population.

  • smiddy3

    Sorry, but nobody cares about Jehovah`s Witnesses and gives them a second thought except , ex Jehovah`s Witnesses

    And that`s the truth

  • slimboyfat

    There are a lot more JWs than Mormons and hence more ex-JWs. Over 20 million attend the memorial each year and there are probably that number again who have left JWs, were brought up JW but never baptised, or who have some connection such as close family members.

    And I do think there are a lot of Mormon and ex-Mormon videos. In particular the "I was a Mormon" videos.

  • punkofnice

    Simple answer, 'No.'

    We probably see more jobo stuff on youpube due to the internet thingys that recommend similar stuff to us.

    I would imagine the same is true for other people like mormons, scientologists or political/religious cults.

    The sheeple out there don't even remember jobos exist. They're all too busy worshipping celebrities.

    It's worse than being in the matrix.

  • Phizzy

    I don't think that Youpube has a great effect on Public opinion, apart from the odd one that gets millions of views, these are rare, and even then, only a small number of people in the World see them.

    The only value of doing anti-JW You tube vids is for already doubting JW's to find for themselves.

    The rest of the World carries on regardless, an insignificant little cult like JW Org not of interest at all.

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