Are Jehovahs Witnesses headed towards becoming one of the most controversial and talked about religions on YouTube

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  • jwleaks

    JWs are only important to themselves. JWs tell themselves that they are pivotal to a universal sovereignty issue, that incidently no one else in the universe is aware of. JWs tell themselves that only they themselves are god's organisation. JWs tell themselves that only they themselves will survive 'armageddon' that is due to happen any day now since 1879. Only JWs themselves tell themselves that the whole world, which is pretty much ignorant of them, is out to get them.

    And most of all, only JWs themselves will tell themselves that a YouTube channel that has three followers, and that produces anti-JW videos, is proof that only JWs are the true religion because they are being attacked.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Mormons and Scientologists I think are beating out the JWs in public awareness of issues. Maybe if the ex JWs can get a Leah Remini on their side. So far the JWs is just boring.

  • tor1500

    @ JWLeaks, & All,

    You hit the nail on the head. The core of a witness is "self". That's the common denominator of JW personality. Most of them need some type of validation. The org. strokes one a scripture, repeat a comment from their literature, they beam when someone says loved your comment or your someone take off their sweater or jacket (ever notice when one needs to take off a jacket or a sweater the entire congregation tries to help and almost take your arm off). JW's only do things to be seen, they are most helpful when in public or around folks who aren't witnesses to say see, we are so helpful. If you go into a restroom & it's crowded, they get to cleaning to show how holy & pious and clean they are (most of them are germaphobics)....but bet you if no one is in the bathroom they do just like their thing wash their hands & walk out.

    Most of them would not survive in a church with a big congregation because they would just a member and to stand out you would have to join different committees to be important & in churches when you join a committee you have to be reliable...none of this woe is me. They would get lost in a church. No one would care if they are suffering...JW's enjoy bad health...JW's have to fake being sick because that's the only way to miss a can't just say, I was tired and wanted to go you have to make up a medical condition so when you don't come, the friends will say well, so & so isn't here but you know they suffer with.....(you can fill in the blanks). Most of them are healthier than most they are always in the street in the fresh air walking....

    There is a saying...Birds of a feather flock together...that's my opinion of the org. same type of personalities...See Me syndrome...

    As many have said, most folks know witnesses but all they know is we don't celebrate holidays, no blood, & just heard someone say, Only 144,000 going to heaven....I know that blew that person's head...but to be fair, why would the bible say, The meek will inherit the earth. Children will be playing with animals, don't that sound like earth to me...New Heavens & New Earth, I'm just saying...The way the JW's explain this new system sound perfect but we still will have a government...only it will be in heaven...

    Well all that to say, nobody cares about JW's. Something real controversial has to happen at the top...

    Just like with this HS shootings, Gov't won't care until it happens to one of their children, but hope not.



  • EverApostate

    JWs make us believe that they are the Sun shining with all its Glory, to the darkened world, whereas in reality they are one among the Faintest and dying star that is hardly visible to the naked eye

  • Vidiot
    Unshackle - "Are Jehovahs Witnesses headed towards becoming one of the most controversial and talked about religions...?"

    Only if we work at it.

  • jwundubbed

    Most folks I meet say, "What's a Jehovah?". Most people who know anything just know they are the annoying people who bother them by knocking on their doors on Saturdays... early in the morning. Basically most people who know anything about JWs simply know them as an irritant. They don't care about them at all.

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  • steve2

    Another angle is asking whether JWs are as “visible” in the door-to-door work as they were in their growth heyday (late 60s to mid-70s.?

    I remember being a part of several car-fulls of JWs, including very young children and many adolescence, going out on the territory. It was a massive task organising witnessing groups because of the sheer number of local JWs.

    At our “peak” we were covering the entire vast semi-rural territory every 3 to 4 weeks. It was not at all unusual for people to recognise us and exclaim, “For God’s sake - you people were here just a couple of weeks back!” We heard this as evidence - and a compliment- that the work was speeding up so late in the time of the end.

    Whatever we observe about the modern-day JWs and their lame cart-work, their visibility to the public is no where near as powerful as it was several decades ago. Who but ex-JWs observe and take note of the cart work?

    This is a religion struggling to find a growth niche in a crowded and disinterested marketplace. Hence, the spluttering growth, flat-lining and even decline recorded in JW organization’s own statistics.

  • joe134cd

    I think there are more Mormon videos with greater views.

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