JW Elder Lawsuit Update: AAWA Fliers are Illegal and Uncle claims he is "Going to Kill us in Court"!

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  • ReligionOfHatred
    Simon how come his wife can slander my family putting shit on print and nothing happens, why are people allowed to dish out shit and not accept it? We have been bullied for decades by these creeps, they acted like they were above the law, more righteous than all other folks, trampled on the weak in the Kingdom Hall and never, not once, has God did anything to remove them, shows he's not there!
  • Simon
    Simon it sucks the pedophile waited for the statue of limitations to expire and confesses his sins because if the Elders would have told us, we could have sued back than. They intentionally waited for California's Law to expire before letting us know he was being removed forever and he came forward with his confession, there is no justice is there?

    I don't understand - your family didn't know it was a victim until *he* told you? You expect the perp to walk in to the jail cell and lock the door himself? It's important to have realistic expectations of how you perceive justice working.

    Would a Defamation Case be the key to showing he's abused her if a Judge demands the Kingdom Hall to turn over all the key notes from his judicial committee? What do you think, is this the only way for justice?

    That is unlikely IMO as they will probably claim ecclesiastical privilege. Perhaps there are freedom of information laws you can use to get the information if it does exist.

    Simon how come his wife can slander my family putting shit on print and nothing happens, why are people allowed to dish out shit and not accept it?

    What do you expect to happen? If *they* do something that you think is unfair then take them to task (legally) for it. Don't sit expecting someone else to do it. Complaining about it doesn't count as "doing something". You need to task action that is productive. You seem to be mired in negative and unproductive behavior. If they have printed something libelous about you then take it to a lawyer to take action.

    We have been bullied for decades by these creeps, they acted like they were above the law, more righteous than all other folks, trampled on the weak in the Kingdom Hall and never, not once, has God did anything to remove them, shows he's not there!

    Relying on the imaginary sky man to act on your behalf is unlikely to help - there's nobody there! You can wait till you die and nothing will happen. To enact change requires constructive (and legal) action by you .

  • ReligionOfHatred

    Hi Simon,

    we did not start the legal problems, they got a lawyer after one of the elders in their Kingdom Hall told one of the biggest lies I've heard. It started back in June when my Uncle went on vacation to Indonesia, remember that there are many elders who are jealous of my aunt and uncles business and hate their miserable existence of just getting by so they make digs at my aunt and uncle at risk of their own Kingdom Hall Rank. Many are envious or jealous they take lots of trips while people like Elder Sancho don't have a pension or much when they retire. They will have to work for the rest of their lives because the End has not come.

    In June of 2015, dad run's in to Elder Sancho, he's someone who is not the most cheerful, the Bob Bummer or Debbie Downer Elder. He pretty much hate's his life, it seems like God has abandoned Sancho because of all his bad luck, bad investments and his medical bills, he is mad he does not have a pension or money, he lost most of his retirement back in 2008 joining a JW Real Estate Club, that's what he told me! During the 1980s eight sisters I know of came forward with allegations that Sancho was acting like a Sancho and wanted the Elders to punish him, instead of being happy he got bailed out, he resents those sisters were not punished for tarnishing his name. Instead of being happy no JW Discipline was exacted on him, he waits to hear gossip to dick around with elders, a very miserable man indeed. Shows how much respect he paid to the men that bailed him out, he should have lost his position, why did my uncles help him?


    When the allegations came forward, my uncles used their political clout to have the sisters give him a slap on the wrist, that's what one of my ranking elders said while he was under the inspiration of spirits! Sancho did not like getting his hand slapped, he wanted to steamroll the eight sisters making the accusations, while camping Sancho speaking through the bottle reminisced how fine those sisters were, he's a trip!

    June 1, 2015 my Dad is confronted by Brother Sancho who keeps asking my Dad "where did your brother in-law go on his vacation?" He knows my dad and mom have not spoken to them for seven years and than drops the "A-Bomb" saying "I heard your mother in law is visiting apostate websites and speaking with apostates online, is that true?" He continued to share all the good information he's heard from my uncle and now looking back, maybe he did exactly to my dad, what he did to my uncle? Elder Sancho keeps telling my dad that Grandma, Grandpa are "questionable association and we should shun them like my aunt and uncle have done for almost seven years" Elder Sancho said "If you really love Jehovah you would shun your mother in-law until she stops speaking to apostates!" Now the gloves are off, my dad wanted to uphold the honor of my grandma and boy was that another bad decision, he's made too many stupid errors thinking he can get justice in a World with people who don't believe in Justice! My dad let lose a dirty little secret since Elder Sancho was calling Grandma an Apostate, he was pissed off and said "If grandma is so evil how come she did not kick him out of his rental when he was not paying rent? Why did she enable him? When he filed bankruptcy during the 1990s and she made sure her daughter had a good car to drive, why is she so evil? Why did we watch over his kids while they worked, their son basically lived at our house because his parents were gone!

    Nobody remembers all their good deeds they did, you only crave gossip and lies, your a sick bastard!" Elder Sancho took off because my dad wanted to verbally hammer him, he fled like the coward he is!" He heard my dad say "How come when people are doing good financially they forget the loving kindness displayed when they had really bad financial problems, they forget because money make's people change!" Elder Sancho had his ammo!

    June 3, 2015 . He said he went to the Meeting, Elder Liar ran up and said "I heard your going to file bankruptcy, do you need any financial help?" This guy lied boldfaced, my uncle got back from a vacation from Indonesia, a $10,000 vacation and the elder who ran up to him knows my uncle has money so he's quite jealous because they can't afford to take this type of high priced vacation. Whose fault is this, was it wrong for my dad to tell that elder "My mother in-law is not an apostate, he's a liar for spreading that rumor! She's loyal to the Organization" and "we are not worse than apostates, if we were worse than apostates why did we all kick in when they filed bankruptcy in the 1990s and help them out? Now that they got money, its so easy to forget all the loving kindness my grandparents and parents displayed on him, don't you think!" That's how lies get generated, can you believe he told my uncle "I heard your going to file bankruptcy, do you need financial help" after my aunt bought a car that's worth more than that JWs mobile home!

    July 28th my aunt wants us to buy out her portion of the joint venture.

    August 16th we receive a letter stating "Since you did not come up with the cash, we are going to have the property sold." She expected Granny to buy her out in 25 days, someone told her you can get a home loan in less than a month, she believed it!

    August 17th, 2015 my parents get a lawyer to respond to my aunt's threats and demands, that's how it all got started!

  • rebel8

    In all seriousness, I am sorry for what you're going through. It sounds like a crappy situation.


  • ReligionOfHatred

    thank you Rebel,

    my aunt has a very low tolerance for people who don't meet their spiritual expectations and has no problem shunning the weak members of the congregation because she does not want their infectious non-zealous spirit affecting her and her godly husband, go figure! If Jesus Christ showed up, they would shun him because he associated with the "people of the dirt" the religious pharisees hated!

    we got another letter stating my aunt has changed her mind and all questions should be handled through my parents attorney, they said not to bother their attorney, what do you make of it? My parents told our attorney their knew strategy and please don't let all these strange people call you and push the bills up. Is this the Religion of Love, the True Faith of Jehovah's People? I wonder what Bethel will think when they find out the PO is suing his own mother, you got to love it!

    I have kept so many things secret, if people knew the truth and what actually goes behind the scenes, are they so stupid they would ignore it and pretend "all is good!"?

    Also we have never put any fliers out, we got blamed when people were putting fake Watchtower's throughout the county by them, they blame us for the weather, super paranoid. The Watchtowers were brilliantly done by someone with lots of money and artistic skill. We don't plan on putting fliers out, we don't want to reduce ourselves to their level because it only adds fire to this hate filled furnace!

  • Simon

    My aunt this, my uncle that ...

    Why not leave them to their own devices? What business of yours is it what decisions they want to make with their own lives and assets? You can give people advice and impart information, you cannot dictate their choices.

    Whatever the reality, I think you're done trying to make *this* site about it. Frankly, it all sounds crazy and rambling.

    August 17th, 2015 my parents get a lawyer to respond to my aunt's threats and demands, that's how it all got started!

    What threats and demands? Either they have a legal claim on something or they don't. You can't force people to sell something to you and they can't force you to buy something you don't want to.

    You seem to be under the mistaken belief that being a blood relative should count for something and make people favor you.

  • rebel8

    I can't follow the whole story but sometimes it's best to separate yourself entirely from toxic people. Just live your life on your own and don't deal with them at all, in any way.

    It really does sound like a soap opera. If you're familiar with the scene I posted from Seinfeld, that is exactly my feeling when I start to read this thread. Overwhelmed and wanting to escape. It's just too much to process. If that's how complete strangers feel while just listening to part of the story, perhaps that is a sign to step out of the drama to take care of yourself. :)

    Here is something to envision when you cut the ties.


  • defender of truth
    defender of truth


    sometimes it's best to separate yourself entirely from toxic people.

    Amen to that.


  • EndofMysteries

    Here's what I got from OP's post.

    Some mumbo jumbo about his uncle who is an ex jw suing his family for absolutely no mention of any reason other then some AAWA signs are somewhere in the mix. Then suddenly he has 2 uncles, and one that threatened to kill somebody. One of the uncles made threats or attacked people who molested. And everybody is giving the lawyers a lot of money.

    In other words, mumbly jibberish.

    What does AAWA have to do with this?

    Who made AAWA signs?

    Who posted them and where?

    Who is suing about those signs and what is the reason stated?

    Where does molestation fit in to all of this and death threats?

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    Y'all come back now! Ya hear?

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