JW Elder Lawsuit Update: AAWA Fliers are Illegal and Uncle claims he is "Going to Kill us in Court"!

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  • ReligionOfHatred

    Hi, my uncle made the first move by taking my mom, dad, grandma and grandpa(all in good JWs in standing and non have put out anti-JW fliers or speech), that's who he is taking to Court. I have left the Organization but than again, I was only a Unbaptized Publisher. My grandma (whom I love so dearly was shocked to learn "I am not going to marry a Pioneer and I don't want anything to do with any Pro-JW females, I feel this religion is one of the most hateful religions mankind has seen). Over the last few days my former JW friends called me and said my Uncle Jaundice is telling people my Dad is trying to murder him. The mechanic said my uncle "is lying, I never said his car was tampered with, he is not telling the truth but I refuse to involve myself because your uncle has too much power in this Circuit!" My Mother has a IRA with $400+, she took out $50k to fight my Uncle in court, Uncle was going to sell his property to us and than decided he thought he could get another $20k if he forced us to do a appraisal and make us all leave the property. I did research on his attorney, she's very smart and the last P.T.P costed her client $150k (That's the amount of profit or capital gain my uncle will get from his share not including some encumbrances my Dad hired a Contract Lawyer, Tax Lawyer and Real Estate Lawyer. Dad took out $100k from his IRA and gave the Contract Lawyer his retainer, tax lawyer and Dad is mad as Hell! I think they thought they were going to scare my parents with a lawyer not realizing Dad and Mom lived poor to have funds for a rainy day. Uncle is saying he's going to crush our family, so I ask you after reading this, would you not put out the AAWA signs?

    My Uncle accused my Dad of trying to kill him, Uncle brings out the man who confessed to raping my mother when she was 4 to 7-8 years old, he was also a Bethelite when he did this wicked actions. He said what he did to my mother (Class A Felony) under the Hebrew Law was less than fornication, the DA said they are trying to change the Law in California to include her because this area of sexual abuse to children and the effects its having on them in later years is evolving, the authorities did not know all the psychiatric issues it takes upon victims. My mom is overweight, has nightmares and severe depression and seeing this creep walk by our house has added more memories of him violating her and telling her "I will kill you and kill your Mom and Dad if you ever tell this info. My uncle who died told me some weird information, he said(to me, my jw brother, mom, dad, grand-dad, grandma and several jws who visited him to boost their time, he said he caught the pedophile in bed with my aunt when their were teens and now he's dead and there is no way to prove my uncle's statement and none of us told the elders or anyone what he said because we thought it was his drinking talking. Why did we keep my Aunt and the Pedophile's allegations silent, I thought she was a better person and even though she's been nothing but hateful, our family thought it was best to "Keep the Peace" and "Wait on Jehovah"(I hate that, its a lie!) and my uncle hated my aunt until the end of his life, so that's why we never told the elders! My Uncle was funny when he was drunk and got very angry with JWs, he would tell me he "I hate this Org! I had affairs with many JW Elders wives because I hated the religion!: Uncle was funny, he really was messed up from the ReligionOfHatred, I think that's why he had severe substance abuses. He said "This Religion will Kill your brain and heart, Leave the Fucking Religion ASAP!

    Uncle Jaundice is not very funny, all I remember about him being at my parents house was his ability to drink too, except it was ok for him to drink as much as my substance abuse Uncle because Uncle Jaundice was a Elder! Strange how Elders can drink but non-elders are drunks when they do the same thing! Uncle Jaundice told the police officer "I know (M) was the person who put all those fliers on his mailbox and around the neighborhood and that's illegal, M did it and I took videos of those fliers!" "Their against my Constitutional Rights!" My dad is not the one who put those up, when he called a friend and told them this story, the friend must have told the JW Opposition and they blanketed our entire area with fliers because Dad was at his attorney meeting to fight my Uncle Jaundice's lawsuit. Jaundice told the police officer "M is vandalizing my house, my cars" Aunt Cruella told the police officer that "I am terrified of living and and he scares me" is that why she walks her dog alone twice a day and nothing has ever happened to her? If she's so afraid and shivering like she lied, why does she go alone walking twice in places where its creepy to walk alone? The Pedophile walks in the evening with her before they go to meeting.

    My aunt is trying to slander my JW Brother who is in good standing and wants to become a Elder, her husband is a bully and would tell our family who was going to be DF'ed before they were df'ed from as far as 80 miles in all directions. Why is my Aunt Cruella trying to slam him and his wife, I don't know but I would like to know if its against the law to post the AAWA signs in our yard, we are the only ones who work on the yard because grandpa who use to do all my uncles work has dementia(he's the one my aunt and uncle were telling all my JW friends was faking his dementia(82 year old honest man lying? They wish!) and spreading rumors my grandma and parents are apostates! Grandma is one of the most loyal JWs, she has never done anything to hurt the Organization, my aunt and uncle started to shun her back in 1995 and sporadically would do nice things after grandma would allow them to not pay rent or use their car or borrow tools(think Makita Drill my Uncle borrowed!) or (Grandma's car did not need Oil or antifreeze this idiot told the mechanice the reason it blew up was it was air cooled even though the mechanic showed him the oil was empty and anti-freeze was empty and tires were bald!

    They paid nothing to grandma thinking their $50 a month rent and eventually grandma raised it to $150 per month when average rents were $700-$1500 here by the coastal areas! Granddad stepped down from being a Elder after my uncle begged him to know what was said on a judicial committee regarding uncle's fellow cousin, stupid granddad against past experience told uncle in 1998 what was said and Mr. T called grandpa and ripped him in to a asshole. Granddad profusely apologized but it was not enough. Granddad stepped down and Uncle said "Sorry, you should never have told me and than I would not have called everyone to share this dirt with! Uncle called Mr. T's relatives and told what was said during the judicial committee. granddad resigned from being a elder and stopped attending meetings thank's to uncle and his sharp tongue! Mom tried to forgive the pedophile (JWs telling her to forgive him) and he started acting up by writing letters, stalking her blog and writing nasty letters after she said she would try to forgive him. How is his actions meriting forgiveness if he's going on the attack?

    Uncle basically caused me to leave the Organization because I got sick of hearing "Wait on Jehovah for this matter", Mom has waited since 1971-1976 for justice, nothing ever happened for him. All that happened to the Pedophile was he got removed and he sent mom two letters explaining why he did what he did to her and why it was not really pedophilia! "Thighing, oral sex and other things I won't explain was not pedophilia?"? He blamed her claiming she seduced him, how could a four year old seduce a man old enough to join Bethel and the Military?

  • ReligionOfHatred

    Sorry this is scattered all over the place, my granddad got slammed twice by Uncle Jaundice and its his bad for telling Jaundice what was said about Brother T! My granddad was trying to please a man who has hated both him and his wife, since he married Cruella and always had a strong arm to keep her from being around her parents. My uncle who died told me another story about how my grandma could have snatched her daughter out of his clutch, uncle was visiting with Jaundince and wanted to see his sister C. Jaundice said "Sorry, she's being punished so I locked her in her room! My good uncle before he lost his marbles, opened up the door and talked with C, she said "I was bad so Jaundice said I must stay in my room all day unless I have to work(she was the breadwinner, employers loved her hard working nature and she kicked ass, a born leader who could any business and Jaundice was jealous of her gifts. Jaundice frequently insulted her to keep her in line, how many women do you know who could(this is a example how strong my Aunt and how she could work him under the table, she did not lay cement but could!) while he's on the phone pretending to do "judicial stuff"(Aunt use to tell us play by play what this fool was doing to her until he poisoned her mind and ruined her intellectual gift of critical thinking and basic logical skills) pour cement while her husband sat in a car air-conditioned full blast while she dug trenches and poured cement so he could get his business license?

    If only Aunt C went to B-School, she would have been a CEO instead of a scared little child, a child afraid most of her life from her bully husband. He tried to kill her gifts, he hated how smart she was and constantly did his best to put her in her place, insulting, telling her she's flat chested, saying there were other women who wanted him badly and she would be a Spinster without a husband! . Aunt C and J, Aunt C was not allowed to stay at home and raise her children even though grandma pegged their rent at poverty-levels, grandma wanted Aunt C to stay at home and raise her children and that is why grandma only charged her $50 to a little over $100 for 5 acres and a nice dwelling. Aunt C was not allowed to stay at home because Uncle J would call in sick(He bragged so many times, he could call in sick and say "I told them "I am sick of work, that's why I called in sick!") and after talking with people who worked with him under a Union Job, they verified all this information.

    My cousins are nothing like their parents, my cousins are the most moral, honest and have hearts that Christians who obey Jesus Christ should have. I believe if the Organization would do a clean sweep and get rid of all the old ones who are not progressive, we could have a organization I would be willing to return to if they changed how they treat people! This is more like a diary I suppose, its written so people who are examining how Jehovah's Witnesses tell people their Kingdom Halls are, versus what's actually taking place. If any of what I said is false, it's libel, that's how strong the proof is everything said here is factual because I am not afraid of getting sued because there is proof everything here if factual!

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    Barrold Bonds
    my eyes almost melted out of my skull trying to read that and figure out what you're saying.
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Are you and Iconoclastic related by any chance?
  • ReligionOfHatred

    Why do people allow bullies and abusive people to rule over them, I hate how women allow men to bully them, why do they like to be human punching bags and stay with men that beat them? I know there is a small amount of women that bully men, why do women allow men to hurt them and not leave?

    I agree with all the negative comments and remarks your making, my mind is running wild because I can't stand what this religion is doing to people. If one JW can make sense of my crazy post and leaves, Mission Accomplished. I should have someone write my posts that flow better, I apologize for writing so hectic, I am a hyper person and my hands are not writing as fast as my hands! Please forgive me!

    Was "Iconoclastic" a poster here who hated this religion? No, I am not them, they probably posted better than I did and made sense.

  • ListlessWitness

    Dear ROH

    I'm still rooting for you and thank you for keeping us up to date with what is going on. I hope like you that anyone reading your account of such shocking events will be woken up to see what this organisation truly is and leave it. Like you say, Mission Accomplished 😊 It certainly helps me want to stay right away fromthe bOrg and its hypocrisy.

    And please don't feel apologetic for your style of writing, at least it is never boring! If I had seen so many terrible things and tried to write about them, the grammar might be perfect but it would be 30pages long and bore people to death! So although it is hard to understand exactly what has happened to who and when, your writing paints a clear picture of the turmoil you are experiencing as a result of the injustice and trauma that is being suffered.

    I hope you are finding some relief by venting here, and look forward to hearing how things progress. May I ask, have you seen JWrecovery website? I find it very calming and supportive on there and wonder if the experiences of members there might benefit you too?

    Take care

    Love ListlessWitness

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    Please,don't take my posting seriously, I was only poking fun at you. I'm a nobody creature like all other creatures only far less important than let's say a bird which plays a vital environmental role. You're obviously a person who genuinely cares and that in the end, is what this planet needs above all else. Please don't be offended by my sometimes questionable sense of humor.

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    Perhaps edit it to key points. When there is a lot to say, bullet points do help. I have sometimes posted and re read it. Only to discover that it was not going to make sense. Then I would go back and make some changes or wipe it out until I was able to make a relevant statement of facts in some sort of order.....Don't feel too bad, you are very upset and need a little time to calm your' thoughts then reorder the post..


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