Kingdom Hall burned down

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    FAKE NEWS We were told that our source of news should be the site, not to believe anything the world puts out. And it ain't there. So......

  • DesirousOfChange

    If you read the comments on the Washington Post article, it is scary how little information there is about the JWs. No one knows their views on gays, the subjection of women, child abuse, the no blood policy, the imminent destruction of all of them at Armageddon (and the JOY the JWs feel about that), etc.

    Seems they are not able to get their message across even after 2 BILLION HOURS of preaching each year!

    Hey, Joe Hoover, time to find some better PR folks!

  • joe134cd

    The act of arson is terrible and I hope they catch the perpetrator. Do say it’s an inside job with a view to insurance is indeed OTT. That been said I wouldn’t put it past wt now there is a possibility of no demo costs to use it as an excuse to cash it up and move on.

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