interesting stuff re the RC in my local area

by umbertoecho 25 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • SimonSays
    We care about JW issues precisely because we were JWs.

    Also, Prime Minister Abbott's actions do not necessarily reflect that of all Australians.Village Idiot.

    Then that would be the operative word “WERE” as if. The remainder of your argument is nonsensical, therefore to wit the actions do not necessarily reflect that of ALL JW's. But to those Australians that do agree with their Prime Minister Abbott would therefore agree to silencing abuse, and harboring as you people put it pedophiles. So where does it end. You can give all the negative points you want, but that doesn’t mean you’re thinking.

  • possum
    The royal commission is paid for by Australian taxpayers. No public criticism that I know of money well spent. As a ex Jw and humanist it is essential to feel compassion and be willing to fight against all religious/sexual oppression and abuse for not only JW but all colors/castes and creeds........

    Simonsays, " to wit!" LOL!!! Who are you? J.F. Friggin Rutherfraud?!!?! It's 2015 bro!


  • umbertoecho


    .You really piss me off and I don't like your' narrow attitude. The way you try to create a conflict by bringing in other issues. Are you congentially stupid or just stupid through years of thinking you are some sort of smart ass for taking the opposite point of view?

    I will debate with ineloquent assholes like you any day. But only for one day.... Why?

    Because your knowledge base is probably a Wikipedia one Your assertions are invalid particularly on this issue.

    Who in the hell do you think you are dealing with you creep. What credentials do you have that allow you to have developed such awfully twisted reasoning?

    You sound like a psuedo intellectual without the strength of knowledge to base any of your reasonings on. Essentially you are shallow. I would love to meet someone like you face to face...That is the best way for me to operate. But you sound like the sort of coward that slimes out, makes a crazy, irrelevant statement, and crawls behind your anonymity.... You try to sound educated, but it rubs off in your weak attempts to divert attention to some "non related or specific matter"... that you never went to a university or even completed year twelve. No more you absolute horror of a person..You are all that I loath in a person..

    I don't give jerks like you the time of day as a rule..You are really really low level thinking. Go and crawl into your grubby hole and do whatever you do when you think no one is watching........fuck off!

    You are the sort of coward I have met in my life who backs out the second he or she realizes they are before the real thing, a person who cares and is not afraid of sub ....what evers as you...Truly. go back to your stinking hole and don't come back at me.

  • smiddy


    Don`t hold back , tell us how you really feel about this jerk.


  • umbertoecho
    smiddy, Of course, how silly of me to hold back. I will do better next time....hugs and all that stuff, Juliette

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