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  • umbertoecho

    I was sent a list of places I could contact in my part of WA. I was cautious. I always ask if they are JWs. Then I ask their name again and write it down again. I rang this number and explained as succinctly as possible, what the issues were. Conversation went like this..." Don't worry we have had many women from this area call us". Me: " Really? Are you kidding me? Are you a JW?

    No I am not, I'm just telling you we are being contacted by many many women. Women just like you"
    Now I felt so much better and told her I felt validated for some reason. " Don't think for one second you are the first. You are not by a long shot. We are funded to assist".

    Good planning on the RC hey?

  • baltar447
    Can you go back and make this make sense please?
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  • umbertoecho
    How must I explain? I live in the West of Australia. I didn't want to feel alone but I phoned one of those institutions listed as being funded by Royal Commission. When I started to speak to this woman she was so familiar with the cases that I was surprised. She told me that many women from my area had phoned in.
  • troubled mind
    troubled mind
    That's great umbertoecho ! I hope you find some healing and comfort .I think the Royal Commission has done some excellent work supporting victims in the cases they are researching . Please continue to pursue the support you need .
  • baltar447
    Ok, a few mistakes. "WA" could mean "Washington State" to a majority of users of this site. "RC" could mean "Regional Convention" or "Royal Commission" or "Royal Crown (cola)" LOL.
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    This thread is completly fucked.
  • dubstepped

    Oh wow, just learning what WA stood for and RC puts an entirely different perspective on it, lol. You have to realize that we Americans don't recognize that others don't revolve around our US centric lingo and abbreviations. What are these places that you're contacting? What is their purpose? Why might the person you're phoning be a JW if they're involved with this Royal Commission thing that you're a part of? I'm missing some details, but I understand much more now that baltar above filled in some misunderstandings on the RC and WA abbreviations.

  • umbertoecho

    Australia is not dissimilar to America. We have different states, except you lot have about 52, so laws can change from one state to another. We are modelled on your political system more than you know. We have huge American bases here. There was a time when a criminal could skip from one state to another and escape retribution from the state he or she fled from.

    Today that is different, there are extradition laws that flow from one state to another. No more is there a chance for a criminal to skip a border from say Western Australia to Adelaide...sorry I did not point that out before. Our politics are based very closely upon your's as we have strong ties with America. The difference is, we are surrounded by a huge body of water from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. We are surrounded and therefore have places like Pine Gap, which is essentially American owned. Did you not know this........I suppose you would not. There was a movie once made called the Falcon and the Snowman. It was about Pine Gap, in the middle of our desert and perfect for intercepting communications globally.

    Now you have some idea of the connection between these two countries. I don't expect you to know about this for America is huge. We are too in an hugest Island sort of way.

    Western Australia is huge and distant, desert and snow, drought and floods. I have been all over it. I have also been to your' country and found it felt a lot like Australia.

    A Royal Commission operates in all states, much as it would if held in America. It means the reach is very far reaching. No one gets out to speak. Therefore, to see how far it had reached into my state, the state of Western Australia was important. For the WTBTS operates out of here to all the Pacific Islands and New Zealand. That is a far reaching effect. What happens here in Australia, will effect your WTBTS the ones in this region including the Pacific region and so on. This includes all the Asian regions. Therefore it is a big deal.

    Sorry for not explaining fully, for I do recall whilst in America that it was centred on it;s own problems. Not a bad thing but at times limited view. The entire globe is very interconnected. This is why I like the forum. We are from everywhere.

    Lot of love Juliette

  • LisaRose
    I am glad you had such a good response from the royal commission. I am sure there will be many come forward because of this.

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