True believers never save their money

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  • wisdomfrombelow

    It's an article of faith. Either God is going to save them or He is not.

    That makes no sense at all. If they were really faithful they would be saving because they would not want to put God to the test as Jesus said. There is a difference in making the accumulation of wealth the main purpose in life and being wise and shrewd. People just try to justify their own action (or inaction) but that doesn't mean saving for retirement is a lack of faith.

  • Vidiot

    skin - "This means in most cases being materialistic with their money while bad mouthing worldly people for spending their money on the very same materialistic items."

    Not to mention having the irony completely lost on them.

  • blondie

    “Leave an Inheritance”

    “Sinners are the ones whom calamity pursues,” declares the king of Israel, “but the righteous are the ones whom good rewards.” (Proverbs 13:21) The pursuit of righteousness is rewarding, for Jehovah cares for the righteous. (Psalm 37:25) However, we must recognize that “time and unforeseen occurrence” befall us all. (Ecclesiastes 9:11) Can we do anything to prepare for untimely events?

    “One who is good will leave an inheritance to sons of sons,” states Solomon. (Proverbs 13:22a) What a valuable inheritance parents leave behind when they help their children to take in knowledge of Jehovah and cultivate a good relationship with him! But would it not also be prudent to make arrangements, when possible, for the material welfare of the family in case of a parent’s untimely death? In many places, family heads may be able to arrange for insurance, make a legal will, and set aside some savings.

  • “Everyone Shrewd Will Act With Knowledge”
  • w04 7/15 pp. 27-31
  • The Watchtower (2004)
  • Lieu
    Yeah well, I'm not giving mine to a bunch of kept men who have never paid a bill in their entire lives. They're worthless.
  • Lieu
    They're not getting a cent from me.
  • stillin

    My wife calls saving being "anxious for tomorrow." Her father spent his way into poverty. If I didn't put something away, we would be screwed, not that you can ever be really secure. But something is better than nothing.

    my wife says "we'll cross that bridge when we get to it." I say in return, "there's a toll booth at that bridge. They won't let us cross."

    That isn't being anxious. That's just planning.

  • ReligionOfHatred

    This mindset is not uncommon among witnesses, they use to get upset with people with mutual funds and stocks and bonds claiming they had no faith!

    The same witnesses had no problem spending all their money on expensive trips, Five Star hotels and spending $300 for a meal for two at some luxurious dining place. How come its good to spend, squander all your money on things like I mentioned and if you can't afford to pay back all that money you borrowed, Jehovah allows you to file bankruptcy and rip the creditors off! That's JW ethics and morality, not all JWs spent their money on luxurious living, some did get slammed by unseen events and truly did deserve a second chance while other fat pieces of crap knew they were going to file BK and charged up their cards to the max!

  • LisaRose

    Many people live as if there will be no tomorrow, but it's irresponsible that an organization encourages them in this stupidity. I never bought that attitude, after the run up to 1975 I decided that it would be smart to save for my retirement, just in case. If they were wrong once, they could be wrong again. Unfortunately I lost a lot of my retirement due to a stock fraud and my company going under, but I still have more than most people my age.

    My parents had a secure job with a small house provided for them (in a very nice area of multi million dollar homes) as caretakers for a wealthy woman. Their duties were light, they could always hire others for anything that was too much for them, and I doubt they would have ever lost their home as long as they were alive, but no, they had to go somewhere else where they could spend more time in service. All they had $500 and social security. They moved four times in the next five years. Fortunately my brother had a rental home, he took a loss so they would have a roof over their head.

    The organization is irresponsible to pretend that armageddon is imminent and there is no need to save money, and of course they won't help out when the people who took their advice turn up destitute. Naturally, if people do manage to save anything for retirement the organization is happy to take their cash when they die. Hypocrites.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    " True Belivers" often end up depending on Caesae, for state handouts.

    The Rebel.

  • OneFingerSalute

    There is a very good saying, "Saved money is stored work."

    For the average JDubya that saying makes no sense. They toil away at minimum wage, part-time jobs, have zero in the bank, no health or life insurance, and then bitch about being in their seventies still having to work and depend on others charity for home repairs, food, vehicles, and money to get to their precious ass emblies. But by god they sure have enough to buy the latest electronic gadget so they can worship the Guardians Of Doctrine.

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