Thoughts on Sundays wt about persecution

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    That Gilead or whatever they call the school video from this weeks meeting mentioned airline turbulence. Their point being to expect it. The point I think they missed was it means nothing at all

  • Vidiot
    zeb - "...It would not be beyond the WT to start an antisocial program of some sort to invoke the wrath of governments in one country or more in order to bring action against JW..."

    I realize I responded to this statement yesterday, but I'd like to expand... I said, I think they're kind of doing that already.

    The part of them that knows they're wrong would still be too prideful to either reform or accept any perceived failure (not to mention the legitimate legal consequences), that they'd rather the Org crash-and-burn whilst they bugger off to the Caymans (where a shit-ton of their ill-gotten gains are already stashed), and let the Left-Behind loyalists think they've been raptured away...


    ...the part of them that believes they're right would continue to passive-aggressively provoke "Satan's World" into "attacking" them with all the current court-related behavior they're displaying, in the misguided (and, frankly, ridiculous) hope that Jehovah would step in and bail them out by dropping the Big A.

    And before anyone here suggests that there's no way they could actually be that deluded, remember that these guys have already got some pretty nutty ideas, and surround themselves solely with people who are never allowed to disagree with them.

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