New light from GB member David Splane!

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  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Splane made a big mistake, he invited us to think which scripture defined the word "generation" best. I used the online library NWT and came up with this fine definition of the word.

    • New World Translation De 2:14
      • 14 The time it took us to walk from Kaʹdesh-barʹne·a until we crossed the Valley* of Zeʹred was 38 years, until the entire generation of the men of war had perished from the camp, just as Jehovah had sworn to them.+

    What could be clearer than that? It needs no chart or weird re-defintion of common words. It has the ring of truth.

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster
    @The Listener, I was sort of responding to the 'nitpicking' comment (I might have misinterpreted that comment though), as Mr Splane did seem to be being very specific himself... and yeah that's definitely minute detail there... how on earth did he extract that precise idea from the scriptures? it seems to appear that anybody who looks up a few scriptures and thinks about them in the context of what Mr Splane is saying will realise he's taking liberties...
  • punkofnice

    His holiness watchtower rock star pope Splane says:

    the baby would not have lived at the same time as Joseph.

    Is he saying it's okay to be pro abrtion then?

    Will unborn babies that die, not be resurrected?

    Is Splane insane? Are any of the wachtower rock star popes living in the real world?

  • SecretSlaveClass
    The Super Seven may be useless at a lot of thimgs but they sure are masters at spewing pure, unadulterated bullshit. They may also be students of Sun Tzu: "Keep both friends and enemies confused so that you may have time to draw plans and spies cannot discern your intentions ".
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Punk in my day rock stars hullusinated on drugs, lost consciousness and expressed themselves in great songs such as " won't get fooled again"

    Personally I am not sure what acid our " Rock Star" Splane is on, but I would sure like to try some. It seems to bypass common sence and reality...

    The Rebel.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    Warning: A Wathtower education = Watchtard
  • sir82

    This is a joke, right?

    Surely the GB isn't so stupid as to keep on hammering away at the utter stupidity that is their "overlapping generation" doctrine on their broadcast, are they?

    Oh wait, this is the GB.....never mind.

  • OneFingerSalute
    For me the "best" definition of generation is Ex. 20: 5. Especially for the mind dead drones who worship their holiness's the governing body in slack-jawed, vacant eyed, drooling, conformity.
  • prologos

    The Marvster

    if Joseph had only lived as a child and died at 5 years old, would that mean that a generation can be only 5 years long? good questions. No, according DS's reasoning here, even when that child was born the generation was already ~90 years and counting . By the time Joseph died the generation was already 220 years, would reach ~ 300 years if the +- 10 minute birth/death did not happen.

    Splane's example implies 3 groups in the overlap and makes for a 300 year generation of Joseph. and: Yes you can have an overlapping generation with a 5 year old father, because virgin birth would have been possible, even if the other Joseph was only 5 in Bethlehem.

  • Vidiot

    sir82 - "Surely the GB isn't so stupid as to keep on hammering away at the utter stupidity that is their "overlapping generation" doctrine on their broadcast, are they?"

    You gotta admit; it's a pretty damn effective way of filtering out anyone with half a brain.

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