New light from GB member David Splane!

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    According to David Splane, a person doesn't start living until after they're born! In the latest JW broadcast Splane is quoted as saying:

    "Suppose there was a man who died 10 minutes before Joseph was born. Would he be part of Joseph's generation? No. Because he had never lived at the same time as Joseph, he was not a contemporary of Joseph's. Now suppose there was a little baby who was born 10 minutes after Joseph died. Would the baby be part of Joseph's generation? Again, no. Because the baby would not have lived at the same time as Joseph." - JW Broadcast 9/2015, 00:04:00+

    Splane essentially stated that a person who dies 10 minutes before a baby is born does not live during that baby's lifetime. This obviously means one thing - babies start living only after they're born. Before they're born, they're not yet alive! lol.

    I suppose then that JWs will revise their position on abortions - because you can't kill an unborn child if it's not living yet, can you?

  • goingthruthemotions

    Damn, get the shovels...the shit is getting deep.

    i thought life starts in the womb as well.

  • EdenOne

    LOL you just can't make this stuff up, can you?


  • Alive!
    Good grief.
  • JeffT
    Um, Brother Splane could you explain this over-lapping generation thing to me again. I'm confused.
  • Crazyguy

    Every time they open theirs they shove a foot in it.

  • Saintbertholdt

    At least Freddy Franz tried to keep the shit together.

    The current Governing Body is ill equipped.

  • prologos

    Wt probably is stuck on nephesh, the breathing, born soul. Of course D. Splane is not even talking partakers, or bona fide anointed, but only Governing Body members, breathing, and anointed. so:

    Have they changed from 2 overlapping anointed groups to 2 overlapping Governing Body, FDS * member groups?

    breathing and windy? pneumatic?* can't be, because there was no Faithful and Discreet Slave or Governing Body in 1914, -- only in 1919 . years off again.

  • flipper

    According to the " worldly " dictionary ( you know that REAL book of definitions ) generation means : " 3. a single stage or degree in the succession of natural descent ( father and son are two generations ) 4. the average period ( about thirty years ) between the birth of one generation and that of the next. "

    So this is the REAL definition- no matter WHAT the GB or WT leaders say. They're so full of it they need a spiritual lobotomy

  • LostGeneration

    No matter how you much time you spend polishing that turd, well, its still a turd

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