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  • AntiEntropy


    I joined this site 12 years ago and I revisited it yesterday to get some information on CoC's status.

    Frankly saying, I've tried to be a complete ex-ex-JW so that ex-JW things would not drive my life mad. Due to my linguistic barrier of writing in a foreign language, 12 years ago, I could not but read and read and read this site. It was very very enlightening and had good influence to me a lot ,however I was too much addicted to reading ex-JW sites to live a normal life. My addiction was so immoderate. I couldn't sleep decent sleep and even my job was affected ^^;;

    There's a Korean ex-JW site, http://cafe.daum.net/christianfreedom. It was another source of obsession. So I made a decision to leave ex-JW society. One day, I translated Simon's post about being ex-ex and post it in the Korean site(http://cafe.daum.net/christianfreedom/JgxM/2060). I started to limit visiting ex-JW sites in Korean and English. It may seem silly but it was really needed for me at that time.

    What motivates me today to write this post is not what but who. It's my father. Last year, He DAed himself after 30 years of his JW life. He served his local congregation mostly as a presiding elder or overseer(old terminology ^^). It shocked nearby local Congs. and maybe the Korean branch.

    10 years ago, I had so many troubles with my father. At that time, I felt that there scarcely would be any hope for me and my father to understand each other in spiritual view points. 6 years ago, when I was running a business in China with many financial difficulties, he visited me and said my financial failure should be related with my unfaithfulness to Jehovah ㅠㅠ. So I never expected our union in ex-JW status but now I have that union.

    He said his mind moved after reading Raymond Franz's story. We don't have a Korean version of CoC but a very brief document was available. That booklet was translated from a Japanese document of an interview between Raymond and a Japanese physician who was never a JW but had a JW as his wife. Volume is about one sixth of CoC.

    I suggested him toward soft-landing way but he chose hard one by submitting DA letter to the local Cong. He even half-finished his own book at the point of DA. As a son, I worried a lot about his future mental shocks that I myself suffered agonizingly. So, I reluctantly help him in the matter of his book. However it was finished and published formally at his age of 72 this year. I asked him several times to reconsider the formal publishing in worrying of his emotional breaks which might occur when his 30 yrs' JW friends would reject his calls, which is real situation now. My father was strong. He is saying he feels happier no matter what he lost because it's right and honest way.

    His book is being distributed in on-and-off-line ways domestically.

    He advertised his book at Korean 4 major newspapers.

    The title of the book is "15 questions after 30 years of JW"

    His 15 questions are like the below,

    1. On the matter of the one generation

    2. Sixth day's end at 1975?

    3. Omission of 1914 in Awake's purpose

    4. Depression from waiting / Didn't the generation die who expected to see Armageddon alive?

    5. If anonymous donation, why written service report?

    6. On the matter of higher education

    7. Is it conscientious or religious objection?

    8. UN NGO

    9. Changing policy on blood

    10. Annointing elders directed by holy spirit?

    11. What about humanitarian salvation besides spiritual one?

    12. Freedom of speech in Org. / Disfellowshipping

    13. Birthday party, Women trousers, Weight training, Addressing Bro to the elderly in Asian culture, Watchtower study, Political polling

    14. Is it biblical to use terminology of 'Governing body'?

    15. Faithful and wise slave of Mathew 24:44,45,47

    I'm proud of him.

    By the way, a band of Korean young ex-JW bros have become passionate in helping Korean JWs to read Raymons' COC. In fact, translation is about to be done soon. The thing is legal one, copy-right. In 2001, when I inquired, Commentary press replied that it would let me publish Korean version, but I can't contact them. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure from whom I should gain permission since Bro & Sis Fraz have left us.

    Is there any one who can direct me to Dan and Debbie Dykstra? Any small advice will be appreciated. It might be able to make miracles again and again like my father's one.


    Ray Ryu,

  • RichardHaley
    Amazing story. Any plans for an English version of your fathers book?
  • AntiEntropy

    I guess he's not going to go that far. The world of English is bigger than that of Korean especially in terms of ex-JW information. ^^;;

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    You and your father and friends are doing an excellent job trying to help fellow Koreans wake up to WT lies. A big thank you from me. I am fading and staying under the radar for now.

    PS AntiEntropy, Can you tell us if the JW brother's in Korea are still going to prison because of belonging to the Watch Tower (Real Estate and Redevelopement Company?) What a shock it will be for them to read any enlightening information that exposes Watch Tower lies. After they leave prison would you have any idea how their lives are? Is it hard for them to find work and have a successful life? Are there libraries in those prisons with computers? Is anyone 'allowed' to sign up and go as an outsider to those prisons and give 'community' information talks about JW's, as in real truth talks? Can your father donate some copies of his book to the prison libraries?

    All the best to you and the exJW community in Korea. (Big hugs to you all).


  • fastJehu

    @ AntiEntropy

    Great story - thanks for sharing.

    I like daddy's question number 5 a lot, because I never thought this way

    5. If anonymous donation, why written service report?
  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    ^^ me too fast jehu , I never ever thought of it so succinctly before.

    (Cool name btw. O pencil sharp is an awesome song. If your name isn't linked to a band then that will mean less than nothing to you!!))

  • Aprostate Exam
    Aprostate Exam

    Nice job!

  • Giordano

    Here is the book free on line http://khazarzar.skeptik.net/books/franz01.pdf

    This site has translated copies: http://www.raymondfranz.fr/index.php?language=EN

    • Publisher: Commentary Press; 4 edition (May 1, 2002)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 0914675230
    • ISBN-13: 978-0914675235

    • Wish you and your Dad the best.
  • freddo
    Wonderful, just wonderful.
  • JWdaughter
    Thank you for the encouragement.

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