Korean news with my story...

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  • smiddy

    Great story ,great outcome with you and your father.


  • steve2

    How wonderful that you and your father are now free to communicate! The grip of JW organization loosens.

  • AntiEntropy

    To All,

    Thanks for your warm replies.

    There's a big mistake in my post. It was not 30 years. It was "15 Questions after 40 years of JW".

    Sorry... 30 years belongs to mine ^^;;

    As we progress in CoC Korean, I'd like to share the results with you by posting.


    Ray Ryu,


    In regards to "Conscientious Objection" of mine,

    I was imprisoned from Mar, 1995 to Nov, 1997. The life was very similar to that of the movie, "The Shawshank Redemption, 1994". I worked as a librarian just like Bird in the film. I even did homework of guardians who were studying in graduate schools of Penology. Yes, I got 2 cans of beer for my special service just like the film ^^;;

    With the criminal record, I could not think to even try to join Samsung but I don't think I lost that much. Rather I'd like to see the bright side of my special experience. I sometimes feel sad when I see bros are still suffering Post-Prison-Syndrome. I had it also but I think I've overcome mostly.

    Still young Korean JWs are going prison on that "Religious Objection". JW Korea branch is eager to gain the right of alternative service. Though I don't support JW, I support the legislation of it for humanitrian reason. However I'm projecting very that legislation will loose JW youths minds and they will leave Org. ever more. Just my thought...

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