Done.....done done done....

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  • umbertoecho

    Hugs,Congratulations, Joy for you and I'm smiling all over my stupid face.....

    Oh, could you please keep thanking away to the was so entertaining for me and (I'm sure) the rest of us....You were on a role, go back to droll.

  • Bonsai
    Enjoy your life as free moral agents with nothing to fear or be guilted by. I envy you!
  • stuckinarut2

    Well done.

    Remember that you alone have the power to control how you feel and how you react to the 'shunning' that will continue to come your way.

    Be happy, be dignified and be positive.

    Live life. Its here to be enjoyed.

  • cultBgone

    So very happy for you both!! Congratulations!!!

    I'm sure your "thank yous" to the wts and those in the cong have many of us nodding our heads in agreement.

    Well done!!

  • Lostwun
    Congratulations dubbed! So happy for you two! :) enjoy your lives the way it was meant to be! FREE :)
  • dubstepped
    umbertoecho: Oh, could you please keep thanking away to the was so entertaining for me and (I'm sure) the rest of us....You were on a role, go back to droll.

    Ask and ye shall receive:

    I'd like to thank the organization for blaming the victim on things like 1975, and for changing doctrines under the label of "new light" instead of "we were wrong". Humility is an attractive quality. Thanks for keeping that quality under wraps.

    I'm so thankful that the Society decided to pursue and kick out one Ray Franz. Had you not done that, kind sirs, he would likely never have penned Crisis of Conscience and In Search of Christian Freedom, two books that now mean so much to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Had you left him alone, he may have just died in relative silence.

    I'd like to thank the congregation that I grew up in for abiding by the Society's "performance based" guidelines for appointing people in the congregation and then making my dad an elder. Oh how those rousing family talks touched my heart knowing that what he said and what he did were two completely opposite things. It allowed me to see that what is presented may not be true at all from the stage.

    On that note, thank you circuit overseers for having both myself and my wife on Circuit Assemblies back in the day and allowing us to give our experiences. Well, not entirely our experiences, as you made it clear that neither of ours really measured up to the level that you wanted, so thank you for helping us embellish our goals for the future or experiences so that they were even more rousing, and yes, kind of fake. It helped us to see that most of what the people said up there was bulls%!t.

    Thanks to a few congregations for giving me responsibilities or appointments over the years. Each time let me see a little bit more what goes on behind the curtain, and how it isn't what it was supposed to be. Things were so disorganized and a mess.

    I'd like to thank the organization for painting everyone outside of the Witnesses as meth smoking, gun toting, STD ridden whores that lived to gamble and steal from everyone around them. It really helped us to see as we worked with "worldly" families that they were nothing like you projected them to be. That helped me to see that we had been lied to.

    Thank you SO MUCH for GBTV. Putting the members of the governing body in the limelight was enlightening. Holy crap, those guys with strange personalities are the leaders of this?! Whoa!

    Thank you also for Tony Morris. I mean, his loving words of counsel were so well thought out. I would have thought that having millions of eyeballs would have been the time to address petty things like how some feel left out in the congregation, or that pesky blood doctrine that is neither here nor there, or maybe how to help other people, but no, tight pants and bright socks it is. Those pressing issues were indeed something troubling. We can't let the gays win.

    WTBTS, thank you for just being you.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Welcome to the best part of your life.

    If you live is SoCal (U.S.), I will treat you and your wife to dinner. I won't bring my wife though. She is still in, unfortunately. I can bring my son. He's never been in and never will.

  • LAWHFol
    You are a Man of Great Integrity. Congratulations.
  • ReligionOfHatred
    congratulations, since I was never baptized and counted as a unbaptized publisher, does this mean I don't have any connections to the Organization of Pain? Impressive you both were able to find out all the information together, I wish you the best and everyone else here, all the good people here are rooting for you friends!
  • dubstepped

    I just wanted to say a quick "Thanks!" to all of my friends here before I head off to bed. Hopefully our first night free is one of sound sleep. My wife has had some battles with insomnia throughout this process because of dreams from the stress of the process. But it is so worth it already. We have a new life brewing and it already tastes so much better than the one we left behind. Your words mean a lot to both of us. I may post here, but I show lots of things to my wife and it made us both feel less alone through the process of awakening and eventually DA'ing.

    @never a jw - I hope I can take you up on that offer someday. Unfortunately we live in Indiana, not sunny California. We've got time now to follow our own dreams, one of which is going out west. We've never been farther west than St. Louis, lol. That's not very far west.

    And let me give a shout out to all of those on here that can't DA because they have a spouse or someone that they're close to in that prevents it. You folks have my utmost respect. We did lose family in this process and it was painful and will continue to be. But my wife and I happened to wake up together and escape together. I wish that for everyone else fighting for family. May you someday be able to escape with that person or those people. I sincerely wish that for you. There's no magic formula, just time and/or timing. Keep up the good fight.

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