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    My wife and I just found out that our disassociation was announced last night. We....are...FREE!

    I'd like to take a moment to thank some people:

    Thanks to this community for helping me figure things out and supporting one another in this awful journey to freedom.

    I'd like to thank all of the brothers and sisters in our congregation. If you had shown the love you lay claim to showing we may never have woken up.

    I'd like to thank all of the elders over the years that ignored us unless they needed us for something. Your lack of support was priceless.

    I'd like to thank the organization for contradicting itself enough and making ridiculous hyperbolic assertions that I simply couldn't ignore no matter how much cognitive dissonance I experienced.

    I'd like to thank both of our families for totally abandoning us when we talked to my DFed brother. Your insta-shun really helped solidify that the organization not only has no love, but also robs one of even basic familial love the split second someone steps out of line as you see it.

    I'd like to thank the people that pressured me to pioneer instead of going to college. That awful year made me question the validity of your suggestions as to how my life should go.

    Thanks to the congregation that I grew up in that was so over the top hyper-zealous that it nitpicked all young ones until they left the hall, and eventually the organization as a whole.

    Really, I could go on forever but I'll stop. We are free of all of you in the Borg and our resistance didn't prove futile. Thanks to those that actually supported us. I look forward to telling even more of our story here and maybe even posting pics of us. No need to hide ever again!

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    Man that is great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Peony
    Brilliant, well done. My husband and I felt exactly the same when we DA'd in March. We'd had a horrendous few years but now are so grateful they acted like that otherwise we may have still been in. They did us a huge favour. Hopefully your family that are in will tell people you DA'd ( I hate that they don't tell people in the announcement) my sister put it on FB!!! I was so happy though that bro and sis would wonder why I would actively make the choice to leave. X
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    Sail Away

    Dubstepped, congratulations to you and your wife!

  • Vidiot

    Terrific OP; one of the better burns I've read.

    The WTS really is its own worst enemy.

  • WingCommander

    Your list reads like so many others whom experiences I've seen and read about. Truly, this religion shoots itself in the foot, then places its foot in it's mouth, then turns around and shoves it's foot-in-mouth head up it's own ass.

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