The origin of the name and masthead illustration of The Watchtower

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  • Gorbatchov

    Thanks to the great "Watchtower History" blog with historical information about the pre- and early Bible students years, I became today aware of the origine of the name The Watchtower and the masthead illustration in front of the old magazines.

    In C.T. Russell's younger days, his mother and other relatives died and were buried on the family plot at the Allegheny Cemetery.

    It must have been a defining moment voor the young CTR. Look at his inspiration to choose the name and masthead of his magazine. Compare the watchtower at the entrance of the cemetery and the illustration on the cover.

    It is my opinion that it is no coincidence. CTR must be inspired by his early years.


  • FayeDunaway
    Holy smokes!! Thanks for that, interesting.
  • apostrate
    Also, as a side note, did you know that a watchtower, just like a church steeple, is a phallic symbol?
  • apostrate

    Anyone who wants to dislike my comment is certainly free to do so, but the fact remains that a watchtower is to a Kingdom Hall what a steeple is to a church. i wasn't trying to be funny by saying so.

    In the time I spent as a JW, they loved going around saying that a steeple is a phallic symbol. It wasn't until after the 9/11 attacks that I was watching a documentary which noted that tall buildings are phallic symbols. And TOWERS are phallic symbols. The twin towers were the most noted phallic symbols of the USA.

    And the tower pictured on WTB&TS serves the same purpose as a steeple on a church brochure.

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    Well, well. Is it possible that the watchtower just like skyscrapers today serve a practical purpose and that's the reason they are built the way they are built. Why is it that we extend interpretations of any thing that is elongated to a phallic symbol. Are brooms also phallic symbols? Do I hear Freud's name?
  • ILoveTTATT2

    Here is another view from Google Maps...

  • Stealth

    It would be interesting to see some pictures of their head stones.

  • Gorbatchov

    What me strikes at most, is thinking about the young CTR, walking on a rainy day to burry his mother, walking through the gate of the cemetery and sees the watchtowers. He keeps this picture in his head, and use it in a mix of personal beliefs for the magazine.

    It's sad and it's a sign the Watchtower was a personal project.

  • Diogenesister

    Wow, so is the watchtower the place to be stationed when the big R happens??(r for res erection that is)

    "Breaker...breaker nine over got your ears on Russel"

    "10 4 10 4 good buddy over."

    "We got a convoy....we got us a reserection convoy over"

    "10 4 10 4 this is Russel over you see mama bear up at the tower, the minuite you see her i'll send up the meat wagon, she'll be in a hell of a state shes been brown bread for over 100 years over"

    10 4 ....They all look like a micheal jackson extras..I would not recognize mrs russell over"l

  • steve2

    did you know that a watchtower, just like a church steeple, is a phallic symbol?

    I wondered why I really liked it. Next time I am walking all along a Watchtower, I will savor the experience.

    BTW, do you know when Chuck Russell's Mom and Dad died? Was it before the Watchtower was first published?

    Also, apostrate, it is okay for some posters to dislike posts - try not to take it personally. I have clicked that I like it!

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