The origin of the name and masthead illustration of The Watchtower

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  • steve2

    Seems like a few peple have dicks on the brain - nobody tell ToMo he will think it's another gay conspiracy, this time by architects.

    I shall remain nicely discreet - but it will be a real effort.

  • sparrowdown

    Maybe this is why they are now trying to flood everyones consciousness with the blue square.

    Embarrassed by the old symbolism - much?

  • SimonSays

    WatchTower Of Allegheny Historical Tour

    I wonder if this information was obtained by the THEFT and defilement of C.T. Russell’s grave back in 2000. Too much of a coincidence, especially now that a lot of people are promoting the B. W. Schulz and R. M. de Vienne book, but with very little extra insight.

  • apostrate

    Christendom and their steeples.........what a bunch of dicks!!!

    Here's a partial list of phallic symbols that true Christians (aka Jehovahs Witnesses) would want to avoid:

    1. Hot dogs (weenies)

    2. A 12 inch straightedge (a ruler)

    3. A 5-string banjo

    4. Coca-Cola in a bottle

    5. Arrows

    6. The middle finger

    7. A neck tie

    8. The number 1

  • sparrowdown

    To be fair, it's probably one of the easiest designs to build.

    Much more challenging to build a vagina shaped building.

  • FayeDunaway
    Ah yes, don't triangles represent vaginas? According to Dan brown and such. Witnesses aren't into that because you have to have taken trigonometry, and that was a college prep course :P.
  • Island Man
    Island Man
    If my memory is correct I remember seeing some information about there actually being an older Catholic or Anglican publication called the Watchtower.
  • Old Goat
    Old Goat


    You continue to be a moron. There was no theft and defilement of Russell's grave. The pyramid monument is not his grave. His grave has a small headstone with his portrait engraved on it. It is nearby, but it is not the pyramid. You don't like Schulz's bio of Barbour solely because of the title which in your illiterate, mind-dead way you misunderstand. Are you suggesting that they're grave robbers? Shame on you for being stupid.

    Schulz and de Vienne run the truthhistory blog.

    Their second book, A Separate Identity: Organizational Identity among Readers of Zion's Watch Tower, 1870-1887 (volume 1) contributes more to our understanding of the earliest years of Russell and Zion's Watch Tower than any other book.

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    Island Man,

    The idea of a Watch Tower comes from Ezekiel, There were several periodicals with some variant of the name Watch Tower. There was a British publication with a similar name in the 1830s. An American periodical associated with the millenarian movement was named Prophetic Times and Watch Tower. A small Advent Christian periodical adopted the name, though after Zion's Watch Tower was well known.

  • steve2
    Old Goat, I'm puzzled by your mix of insult and putdown and corrective information in your response to Island Man. That's sure got to decrease the likelihood that readers will attend to the corrective information you present. Why would you write in such a way that your reactivity gets in the way of the helpful corrective information?

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