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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    as someone said earlier with the changes to the BORG in the last year or so, more and more are coming on here questioning things. But when you talk to active ones in the BORG you just can't see in their body language, and they don't even dare talk about something or doubt they have on their minds. Has to be a lot of ''cognitive dissonce'' (sp)
  • Perry
    So your prediction is in 20 years most witnesses will drink from the blood of Christ "FOR THE REMMISSION OF SINS"
    Arnt you focusing on the " trivial"?

    Having your sins forgiven by God isn't trivial. I wanted a peaceful relationship with God when I was a JW. I think most of the other members that I knew wanted the same thing. We all thought that we had to be under the covering of the Watchtower Corporation.

    Jesus only said that we had to be under his blood. This was a great liberation for me, wife and three sons.

  • Vidiot

    Perry - "Jesus only said that we had to be under his blood. This was a great liberation for me, wife and three sons."

    I'm sorry, but that just sounds too weird to me.

  • steve2

    It's liberating to be free of beliefs that focus on the shedding of blood - whether it is spilled for "redemption" or destruction or both.

    Rational-minded and evidence-based approaches expose religious beliefs as relics of ancient, superstitious thinking involving bloodletting in order that others may live. Judaism, Christianity and Islam betray their vulnerability to beliefs about bloodletting as a pathway to securing life.

    It is hard moving away from wishful thinking and desperate needs for "Divine" prescriptions for life - but the alternative is to succumb to blood-soaked superstitions that simply differ from each other in terms of degree of "Divine" control.

  • prologos


    Having your sins forgiven by God isn't trivial. How come that we have sins? because Eve, our mythical mother listened to a talking snake? do you really still believe this?

  • smiddy

    The Bible says that the wages of sin is death , so how come the very first sinner Satan ,is still alive and healthy to influence and corrupt more and more humans for thousands of years.?

    Look at the disease and suffering , indignities heaped upon the human race , because of his sin ,...... and his punishment ?..... Oh , he is alienated from God`s favour... BIG DEAL.!

    Humanity got the short end of the stick.,,,,,If your still gullible enough to believe this crap.

    Getting back to the topic , the internet has been instrumental in getting TTATT to those in the religion like never before possible , being able to compare old truths new truths , flip flops , contradictions and outright deceptions .


  • Perry
    The Bible says that the wages of sin is death , so how come the very first sinner Satan ,is still alive

    Because the biblical meaning of death means the separation of the body and soul. It does not mean annihilation, as we were taught by the Watchtower. No one reading this post will ever be able to cease their consciousness, regardless of what they do, believe, ignore or say. Your consciousness is permanent.

    However, where we all spend eternity is up to us.

    Satan was defeated legally at the cross and will be dealt with militarily shortly, just as soon as all those fore-known from the founding of the world are first conceived/born and then sealed.

  • prologos
    Perry No one reading this will ever be able to cease their consciousness
    sorry Perry, but I have ceased to be conscious several times. by chemical means, -- just one more cut, one more dose away from staying that way for the indefinite future.
    Dying like all entities, stars, plants, animals, not because of sin, but as the consequence of existence in this universe, that, according to late news, is also dying.
  • Perry
    This heart surgeon would disagree with you.
  • prologos

    perry, the man might have his episodes to recount. I am talking about my time spent in absentia from the aware.

    If an induced coma can kill pain so effectively, how much more a total absence of brain activity, total absence of a brain? so,

    scare somebody else with visions of hell on the operating table. have a heart, not a heart surgeon.

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