OK who threw the stink bomb in here?

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    A Believer,

    Regarding the 1975 thread my stance is that while many were expecting it, it was never said to be a definite thing or was it said that Jehovah told them it would be that year.

    I believe I responded to that on one of your threads but I never got a reply. Here it is again.

    In 1974 I went to a special talk at the Inglewood Public Forum (Sothern California) to listen to a talk about 1975 from none other than Frederick Franz. He was then vice-president of the Watchtower.

    He specifically said that the end would occur anywhere from a few months to a few years after September of 1975. He specifically excluded the possibility that it would be decades after 1975. Using the logic of the "Adam and Eve gap" he said that if it were to take decades than that would mean that Adam would have been without a mate for that long and that would tempt Adam into bestiality!!!

    His statement, in his sing song voice, was: "Would Jehovah let Adam to be tempted into bestiality? Noooo brothers and sisters."

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    I said I've been in the Truth my whole life but didn't research other religions beliefs until a couple weeks ago. The JW makes the most sense to me because of my understanding of the Bible.

    The reason why JW beliefs make the most sense to you is, not necessarily because they're true, but because your brain has already been shaped and biased by JW interpretations of scripture and JW reasoning due to your being in "the Truth" your whole life. I suspect that you are simply incapable of making a truly objective and unbiased examination of other beliefs without judging them by your own JW thinking that is deeply ingrained in you. So ultimately you're engaging in a form of circular reasoning (or circular judgment) where you judge all religions based on JW reasoning with the result that, not surprisingly, the JWs end up seeming to you like the one that makes the most sense.

    This is not unique to you or JWs, by the way. The same situation applies to persons brought up in other religions. Polytheistic religions like Hinduism never seems to make sense to deeply entrenched monotheists like Muslims, for example. The reason for this is not that monotheism is inherently more logical but only that the Muslim mind has been shaped to think of the divine as being necessarily monotheistic. But no Muslim or monotheist can give a logical argument for why there has to be only one God, without citing their own religious texts and thus exposing their bias of judging religions based on what they've been taught by their own religion, instead of truly looking at the matter in an objective, logical manner.

  • Thisismein1972

    He respectfully asks we do not link jwfacts or any youtube video that have links to the facts...However, it is OK for A Believer to push his beliefs on us? HUH? Am I missing something here...O wait, this is another indoctrination that is constantly beaten into ones brain.

    JW's do not debate, as they have the troof, or rather, a monopoly on the troof.

    On the subject of A Believer certain we are near the end, for 137 years now your religion has been saying it is near the end. That's right 137 years. Since then, we have witnessed (no pun intended) the advent of 24 hour rolling news, this news sensationalises current events to increase viewership, the events we see on the news do not necessarily reflect what is really happening. A Believer believes that Donald Trump will usher on the great tribulation, this was also said about Barack Obama, however, it is apparent his time in office is almost over and there has been absolutely no sign of the great tribulation. By the way, I want you to do something for me. Call it a little experiment. One day, go out on the street and tell others what you think, that Donald Trump is going to lead the world into the great tribulation, and the only survivors of this great tribulation will be 8.2 million, leaving 7 billion inhabitants as bird food, or as your governing body member once said, human hot dogs! See the rather puzzled and confused looks you will no doubt get, not to mention the pity some will feel for you, fearing that you may need psychiatric intervention.

    See, the thing is, when JW's such as yourself go out to preach to others, you never tell them the dark side of your beliefs do you. You always fluff it up with, wouldn't this be nice, to have no war, no killing. All the while, you and 8.2 million active JW's cannot wait to see war raged and Innocent people killed, hence your comment " I will leave it to Jehovah to judge"

    By the way, may I ask, where do you get this idea that we are all far to gone when we have used fact based evidence? Where is your fact based evidence. And I also asked, could you please provide us with this letter that you mentioned please? You made a statement about 1975, and you also said there was a letter to back this statement up, where is this letter?

  • honest

    A BELIEVER you have made claims like jwfacts.com are full of lies yet don't expand on what those lies are? Can you please divulge? I have studied that site and I haven't found any misinformation. I have been a jw for 40 years and have allowed myself to think critically and independently and what I found out was that the watchtower Tract society was the one guilty of lying.

    Such lies include :

    "The generation that saw 1914 will not pass away "

    The affiliation with the United nations which I personally contacted the u.n. The one lying was watchtower, there was no need to join the u.n to obtain a library card prior to 9/11

    watchtower has lied in their publications about the true expectations of 1914.

    It has also purposely misquoted many scholars in which they have had to retract them.

    You claim we are to far gone? Why? because we left a religion? some have become atheist or agnostic or wiccans? Why make such a claim.and assuming that your religion is the one true one out of millions of beliefs? Facts are all belief systems are based on faith and not facts or truth. The only true facts are scientifically proven. Would you take a dangerous medication without the science backing and proving it's use? Science gives the facts and proof, faith is only a belief that can't be scientifically proven. I am agnostic leaning towards paganism, I don't claim my belief's are the only truth, it's a belief. We all can have different beliefs that does not mean we are all far gone, that's just how you have been brainwashed to believe.

    I also find you to be ingenious. You claim you have studied other religions with in a 2 week period. You have studied in depth the millions of other belief systems in that period?

    A BELIEVER you have come on this site to basically berate us and preach to us to go back to your belief system of the Jehovah"s witnesses, you have also thrown around some very big lies to make your cult look better than the reality eg" you can just leave and you won't be shunned" which is a bold face lie..... Being inactive makes you still subject to their rules and resigning by dissasociating has the same repercussions as a disfellowshipped person. There is no way to leave with out being subjected to shunning. many on here come on here to get away from people like you, you represent the evilness in their life. I don't mean you as a person but you as a mindcontrol cult drone. The very cult you represent has caused such horrid heartache, parents have lost their children, children have lost their parents through shunning, then we have cult drones like you come here and claim that:

    It is deserved because either the shunned one sinned, and that only unrepentant ones are shunned or that we can just leave and won't be shunned.

    This is not true, and this is victim blaming and you are partially lying.

    I also suggest if you don't like us posting jwfacts.com links on your posts maybe you shouldn't be on a obvious apostate site 😉.

    Cheers 🍻

  • TD
    That's fascinating. Got a link or a name to look up, @Diogenesister?

    I'm guessing (And I hope Diogenesister will correct me if I'm wrong) that the two women are Maria Russell and Ellen White respectively.

  • scratchme1010

    It's not my responsibility to change you're guys opinions I'll leave it to Jehovah to judge when he's ready. I'm just going to keep enjoying life and wait on it because I sincerely do believe it's close. The president that was just elected and all the other signs make it convincing to me.

    Yet, you seem to always want to have the last saying every time. If you truly, feel that it's not our responsibility to change anyone, then why are you here? There are plenty of forums and spaces for active JWs and ex-JWs who still want to be JWs without being JWs. Why are you here, then?

    I respectfully ask no one replys to my post with copy and paste from JW facts and YouTube videos. I've already looked over them and my stance is set. You all keep you're beliefs and I will do the same TY.

    You don't get to tell us what to say or how, period. This is not the KH, this is not a congregation, no one here has to obey anyone for as long as they abide the forum rules. You can include the word respectfully in your statement, but what you expect is not a respectful thing. Be clear about that.

    Thisismein1972, you're right! It does stink.

  • Ucantnome

    "Regarding the 1975 thread my stance is that while many were expecting it, it was never said to be a definite thing or was it said that Jehovah told them it would be that year."

    A Believer I understood that they were commissioned to speak as a prophet in the name of Jehovah as a modern-day Ezekiel, 'commissioned to serve as the mouthpiece and active agent of Jehovah' ( The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah-How, Watchtower 1971 pg.58,59,61,62)

    So I understood that what they said came from Jehovah as they were commissioned in 1919 as the mouthpiece.

    So when they said in 1974 that the evening of the seventh creative day began in 4026 BCE and the halfway point of the seventh creative day 3500 years later was 526 BCE and that Armageddon would precede the last thousand years of the 7th creative day Christ's reign when the devil will be abyssed. (God's Eternal Purpose Now Triumphing For Man's Good, Watchtower 1974 pg.51,131,132,186,189) I understood that I was listening to a prophet speaking in the name of Jehovah, his mouthpiece and I acted upon what I heard.

    If you do the math I believe for this to be correct the only time that Armageddon could occur would be between the release of the book in the summer of 1974 and the autumn of 1975.

    This book was offered in the field service, studied at the group study and some talks given on a Sunday were based upon it I believe and so I ate the spiritual food. This was some years after the 1968 publication where it mentioned 1975 and was the most up to date spiritual food. Now the dates look a bit off?

  • pale.emperor

    Oh yes Donald Trump is a sure sign that the end is nigh. Just like when I was "in" and 9/11 was supposed to be a sign. As was hurricane Katrina. And women bishops being allowed in the Church Of England. Come now, the witnesses have been jumping at every world evet since WW1.

    They just LOVE a natural disaster or terrorist attack - it feeds their paranoia.

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