Terrific movie monologue from "Three Billboards Outside Ebbings, Missouri'

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  • jws

    Sorry, but I disagree with the premise, as much as we'd like to think that and see one one bad apple as spoiling the whole bunch. It's as bad as saying all Mexicans are criminals and rapist because some may be.

    Does this mean that the teller at Wells Fargo is culpable in what Wells Fargo was doing by setting up fake accounts to make themselves look more popular to up share prices? Probably not.

    Is every democrat liable because of Hillary Clinton rigging the primary? Is everybody who voted for Trump liable for all the bad decisions he makes?

    Is every cop liable when another cop shoots an unarmed kid?

    I strongly disagree with the beliefs of religion. But there are people who get into it to do good. And there are some bad actors. Does that mean that because these bad actors exist, nobody should become a part of the clergy and "join that gang"? Organizations can never be reformed until you replace the bad people and bad policies with people and policies that are good.

  • slimboyfat

    Yes I noticed that and enjoyed it and agreed with the sentiment. Only small reservation was it was a bit "preachy" in the context of the film. I'm not so keen on films where the writer or director appear to be pressing a point of view heavily, even if it's one I agree with.

    I can appreciate the good in religion as well as the bad. So while I enjoyed this speech, I also enjoyed the recent film "Lady Bird" which portrays a much more benign engagement with religion. Specifically the central character, the teenage girl Lady Bird benefits from mentoring from a nun and she also enjoys the ritual of a Catholic service while away from home.

    There are good and bad aspects to religious experience and I appreciate the artistic portrayal of both.

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