Be Honest in All Things - New video exposes a problem with honesty at Bethel/Construction

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  • john.prestor

    Spiral, you make a really good point: applying in and of itself sets young men (and women) up to lie about pornography. Probably the right thing to do here is to tell everyone ahead of time what the application asks about so that those who "can't" apply because they've watched porn don't ask for an application to begin with. But we all know "Jehovah's organization" likes to maintain ts secrets.

  • Listener

    It is so creepy that they want only people that are close to perfect, physically, mentally and spiritually at Bethel.

    They are hypocrites for asking such questions on the application form and having the individual sign it. But when it comes to appointing an Elder, a man that is given judicial powers over the congregation and deals with very intimate problems, there is no such requirement.

  • steve2

    I went 365 days porn-free, filled out my Bethel application, stating no porn in past year, handed it in then that same night, watched porn and confessed to elders the very next day. At this rate, I’ll be 70 before my application proceeds.

  • sir82

    Finally saw this. Content is discussed above, this is just my "review" of the delivery.

    I think this is Cook's "debut", at least as a member of the GB.

    It appears that he has an uncanny mix of Losch's capacity for monotone droning delivery and Sanderson's attempting-to-appear-earnest-but obviously-insincere pace and expressions.

    The pattern continues. In order to rise to the top in the organization, you have to be the most over-the-top obsequious & ingratiating sycophant within a sea of obsequious & ingratiating sycophants. And then when you actually get to the top, there's no one left to be sycophantic toward, and your underdeveloped personality is out there for all to see.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Jehovah's Witnesses live and function on the edge of sanity. They inhabit a culture dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of the JW leadership.

    The leaders of the sect, even though they are not very bright individually, have evolved a way to organise their flock to encourage a mentality and life course which is at a long remove from normal human behaviour.

    To be a JW is to adopt a neurotic obsession with determining the boundaries of Watchtower doctrinal beliefs and be lumbered with a cognitive dissonance coming from the impulse to please the organisation and at the same time remaining guiltily aware of falling well short in performing those duties.

    The consequence of guilt is loss of self esteem leading to a total dependence on the organisation. A win-win for the cult, hard cheese for the sucker who swallows the doctrines.

    JWs might say this is a good thing to remain "pure and spotless" but critics will see there is a price to be paid for such a course especially as human nature does not do "perfection".

    The Witness religion keeps its followers guilty and downtrodden. Most mammals masturbate! It's a prelude to copulation and perpetuation of the species, it's normal. However, the JW org doesn't like sex! The reason is that they like total control and they can't actually control their members' sex life although by frequent mention of sex at the meetings, (which is highly inappropriate for young children by the way) JWs are reminded of the impossible standards set before them.

    The only positive that I can see is that the cult is moving so far away from common sense that humanity will not tolerate such oppressive, destructive, behaviour and plain ignorance much longer in a more enlightened and thoughtful world. Their language, mannerisms and propaganda on their TV presentations is truly nauseating --or am I a bit prejudiced?

  • menrov

    I agree that the porn industry does not have the best reputation. However, the many industries in countries like India, China and Bangladesh or many African countries can be considered far worse in the way to make use (abuse) men, women and children to work in ugly factories, long hours, bad conditions and for hardly any money. Modern slavery. But we still buy these products, do not punish the countries and actually we all accept it. As the porn industry is now far more in the open there are more controls than before and conditions have improved.

    People have their own freedom to watch erotic or porn movies, see horror movies, war movies or other explicit contents. It is up to no-one to ask you what you have or not have done. If the WT believes they have the right to intrude the privacy of your life, are they prepared to accept the same questions in return or even other questions like if they have ever been involved in child abuse, indecent behavior, have stolen something, lied to the authorities etc. All such things are not to be expected to be found among religious leaders therefore the rank and file have the right to ask these questions. Not only to those who call themselves the gb but also to those who take the lead in the congregations. See how comfortable they will be with such questions..

    The fact the WT organization can permit itself to such question, shows how much control they pretend to have over the flock. It also shows that being baptized as a JW has absolutely no guarantee that the person follows the WT rules. Why else ask?? The WT does not even trust the flock. There is an expression in Dutch that says something like "the way the owner is, that is how he trusts his guests"

  • Vidiot
    Half banana - "They inhabit a culture dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of the JW leadership."

    That's... a very compelling argument.

  • JW_Rogue
    Is pornography good? Really? Or is it a sleazy industry that takes advantage of vulnerable young women and prays on attitudes that help to feed human trafficking and abuse?

    I think you're missing the point, they are micromanaging people and trying to control their sexual lives down to what they do with themselves which is really none of their business. If they want to warn people about the danger of pornography or how it can affect relationships that's fine by me. However, asking people directly on a form about their sex live is intrusive and over the top. Telling young people they can't have sex, masturbate, or watch porn is just unrealistic and setting people up to lie and live a double life.

  • sparky1

    This is a picture of possibly the only 'honest' Bethelite in the history of the Jehovah's Witness religion.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Telling others to be "honest in all things" is gross hypocrisy coming from the dishonest JW organisation.

    What right have they to demand how people should behave when their own policies continue to cause actual serious psychological harm to individuals who are often too powerless or browbeaten to stand up for themselves?

    Is it honest in all things to sever the greatest source of human strength for individuals; the love of family-- just because some choose to disagree with JW doctrines or act contrary to JW culture?

    This organisation has nothing to show that it has achieved divine blessing--all of its prophetic promises have failed miserably. The JW organisation never humbly acknowledges its own shortcomings since to do so would expose that it is just a money making cult hiding behind respected Bible authority to get its own way.

    The JW organisation, by putting its own interests first in all things, has become so resolutely blind to the human consequences of what it teaches that it has no authority to dictate anything at all to anyone else.

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