Be Honest in All Things - New video exposes a problem with honesty at Bethel/Construction

by George One Time 58 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • _Morpheus

    You mean to tell me that the desert god cant keep his house clean by keeping out the masturbators? Seems like he isnt that powerful...

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    ...and what's with GB member Cook's beady-eyed look in this video. How on earth does he see out of those things? I swear my parents always said..."you mustn't trust anyone who gives you a beaty-eyed look!"

    Honestly...every GB member has some sort of serious facial flaw and/or other unlikable mannerisms!

  • Finkelstein

    " Besides masturbation weakens the hands and arms lessening their power and usefulness such as using a hammer at are construction sites."

    We only want the strong and proficient.

  • waton
    So much for pornography...Let's now discuss the topic of masturbation among the ranks of Jehovah’s Witnesses jwgb

    or both. Ca. 1973 Question of Circuit servant to elders during his visit: "The Society wants any of you that has problems with masturbation to resign -- . so?"

    Answer from one elder: "I have no problem with that, it works just fine. " in other words: you cant be serious!

    While the majority of humans and even animals admit to natural relief of the itch, an amazingly low number of elders, if any, actually resigned.

  • jp1692

    “Besides masturbation weakens the hands and arms lessening their power and usefulness such as using a hammer at are construction sites."

    Au contraire!

  • poopie

    A sympton of deeper problem these people will never come forward and talk t loveing elders if they rhink that thers a possibility of being lovinly shunned .

  • WTWizard

    I wonder if they use Victorian standards to determine what is "porn". Or, they use the same standards the Muslims use--viewing women without face veils or seeing a millimeter (not even a whole pixel on most computers) of exposed ankle is "porn". And what is a "year"? On this planet, or some other planet? Do they even accept that planets have been found on other stars, including some with a "year" equal to around 3 of our days? Or is it a Pluto year, a Sedna year, or something in the Oort Cloud? Or Mercury?

    And what type of porn? Literally anything that appeals to people could be labelled as "porn", not just sex. I have watched quite a few "silver porn" videos, displaying stacks of silver (and gold) where there was more than 5,000 ounces of silver in the stack. Does this qualify as "porn" so I (or someone else) will not qualify for the 2019 Israel trip?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    @ zeb, since you are being technical; to be more literal, since people are not reading about prostitutes in Bethel they are looking at sex, therefore I think a better word would be 'pornoscopia'. But language doesn't always work like this.

  • john.prestor

    JW GoneBad: I wonder if the beady eyed look is supposed to be... penetrating, like he's getting into your head, and telling you that he knows if you're being deceitful? Or maybe he's just uncomfortable, he twitches a lot as he talks, keeps moving his head from side to side, etc.

    Morpheus, looks like there's a lot the desert god can't do, eh? Seems pretty impotent.

    I really do apologize for all the double entendres but I can't help myself.


    So this will explain the downfall of the WTBTS when we look back. There simply weren’t enough qualified teenage boys...

    Not seeing pornography for a year would be extremely difficult in today’s society if we go with the dictionary definition of pornography.

    Whats a young, hormonal JW boy to do, run to the Eldubs if he thinks he may have seen porn?? What I something pops up on their phone?

    Can you imagine the psychosis this could cause anyone who takes Mr. Crook seriously???

    DD 🤔

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