Be Honest in All Things - New video exposes a problem with honesty at Bethel/Construction

by George One Time 58 Replies latest watchtower beliefs


    Seriously, this is disturbing. They have a massive pedo problem that just won’t go away, and they refuse to come clean, be honest, and change their harmful policies.

    Yet....they will go through the trouble of making this video? It really shows the disconnect that the GB suffer from. They’ve stated that masturbation can make you gay, so I suppose it can turn you into a Pedo as well??

    They should lift the pillow ban before they have an organization full of sexually repressed weirdos. Oh.... too late..


  • Finkelstein

    Lets just say this new policy concerning masturbation just ruined most single young men and woman intentions coming to Bethel.

    They might eventually change that from one year to one week noting the lack of applicants .


    This new GB member looks like he would have a crawl space full of drifters...


  • Simon

    I find it rather sad that some are so intent to attack the WTS, they will seek to defend anything that the WTS condemns. It's like Trump derangement syndrome - people lose all balance and common sense and start promoting porn stars (prostitutes) as somehow virtuous moral demo-gods. Whatever Trump says is good, they decide must be bad and vice-versa.

    Is pornography good? Really? Or is it a sleazy industry that takes advantage of vulnerable young women and prays on attitudes that help to feed human trafficking and abuse?

  • Finkelstein

    Totally agree Simon ,

    We shouldn't be dismissive to the social harm this business/industry cultivates., it does in fact cause harm toward the people active in it as well to the viewers, this has been proven conclusively.

    I'm still shocked that watching all kinds of porn is just as easy as looking it up on Google.

  • john.prestor
    Couldn't agree more, Simon. Pornography can cause some serious personal and interpersonal problems. But that wasn't the point I was making.
  • Spiral

    I can't imagine any JW applying for any sort of "special" duty answering this question honestly (it's an actual question on the form?). You certainly wouldn't admit to viewing porn and then turn in the application. If you didn't follow through after asking to apply (if that's how it works), that would be suspicious to a lot of intrusive elders.

    So, it's one of those dysfunctional things that just goes on and on. I just can't believe how they focus on this kind of stuff.


    Exactly. Who is going to admit to looking at pornography when you won’t get the all important privileges in the WTBTS?? To be have no privileges and to not qualify is like wearing a Scarlett letter. The guilt of no privileges outweighs the guilt of seeing boobs.


  • Finkelstein

    Brother Righteous did you or have you watched porn in the last year ?

    Well yes but I quickly saw how vulgar and unrighteous it was after a few minutes of watching so after I prayed to Jehovah.

    Well Ok good

    The second question we'd like to ask is.... have you ever masturbated by using a pillow ?

    A ..... what ???

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    I can remember when the paperback version of the young people ask book was released and the chapter on pornography had a picture of youths looking at their mobile phones.

    One of our elders was amazed saying "I didn't know you could view pornography via a mobile phone."

    We were not sure if it was a revelation to him because he'd never done it this way before or what.

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