OSCE (The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

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    Ancient proverb states: “Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend”
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    Not to be perverse, but I am happy to announce that there is a strong relationship between the OSCE and the United Nations. This is not surprising when we consider that the UN was formed October 24 st 1945. This was at the conclusion of the 2nd WW. I have no problems with the UN. I never have. I think they work with what they have and are often opposed. Nonetheless, the Charter is genuine and I for one believe in it.

    My interest in the WTs attendance at the OSCE, was to show that the society found a way around the embarrassing publicity of their membership with the UN. And here we have them attending a very closely aligned organization that (of course) reports back to the UN. It would be counter productive NOT to. For, information sharing in terms of what is going on with other countries, is imperative to remaining close to what may or may not be a threat...


    One of OSCE's closest partners is the United Nations. Co-operation was inititated in 1992, when the participating States declared the OSCE to be "a regional arrangement in the sense of Chapter VIII of the Charter of the United Nations".

    The wide-ranging text reaffirms the primacy of the United Nations Charter for maintaining international peace and security, but expresses the Council’s intention to expand cooperation, as appropriate, with relevant organizations.http://www.un.org/press/en/2013/sc11087.doc.htm

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    Who's to say that a forum of people under the right banner of let's say......human rights could not attend...This is the point I am aiming at. I see many here who are willing to investigate and just do something...anything.

    There is no barrier to forming an "entity" with it's genuine and well-founded concerns, coming out of such forum as this. If the WTBTS can attend on the basis of human rights, re religious freedom...What is there to stop a small or large number of people from attending as well.

    There are some things that religion can no longer do, should not do...We have the same rights. We may not have the same watches and suits and some of us are women...god forbid. However, I for one am very interested in such matters as the religious freedoms that are gained versus a very very silent majority of people who are very hurt by impossible doctrines. I don't single out the WT on this. I make a broad sweep against any religion that has born in "children" who have little say in their lives.

    I would insist on "ethics" in school as a course of study. I would try to maintain balance insofar as a child has the right to not be "indoctrinated" by an end of the world scenario. that breeds hopelessness.

    I would not attempt to take away the right to a bible or the belief in God, but I would take away the right to force a child to attend meetings that breed a fear of the world of success of education....Surely there is some scope for a "group" who fought for human rights on this level. It is only fair is it not?

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    Vidiot17 hours ago - The WTS "knows a guy who knows a guy"... who happens to be the "Wild Beast".

    Obvioulsy the attorneys of the EAJW are not in danger under the protection of the umbrella of OSCE, it as really secure and peaceful place, onlty if the UN-diplomates would appear it would be a little unconvinient there in the workshops and on the roundtables, and the image of the "wild beast" must have another significance.

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    Background info - Which statements do JW give to the OSCE- Human Dimension Implemenations Meetings:

    Here a written statement by the Jehovahs witnesses about the situation in Russia concering freedom of belief, assembly of 2014 ( acknowledge as HDIM.NGO / 0352 /14 / EN 1. October 2014 )




    Guidlines are co-ordinated with other Religions:
    Recognition of Religious or Belief Communities.



    Hate crimes are reported



    US mission to OSCE


    US department of state


  • TheWonderofYou

    .. i did'nt notice it at all when i uploaded, the text above about the situation in turkmenistan reads actually. ..

    "To restore the civil and political rights oj JW" (...? political?)

    when one human right attorney depended on a second one, and that spoke with diplomacy you should of course receive all rights of a usual citizen, thats the minimum

  • TheWonderofYou

    Bonnano - FECRIS

    This anti-cult orh has no good reputation , so far i know at Helsinki counsel., ..separates children from parents to de-mindcontrol them in brutal radical ways.

  • TheWonderofYou


    Good ideas, noticed.

    The location of the European NGO should be in Europe, and it should mainly address european situation within cult.

    And of course, yes! COOPERATION with an other NGO, perhaps tolerant church or minority church ..that has better internal procedures and treats members better.

    or we could write to OSCE and ask them to propose us a cooperation partner.

    in my opionion to stand up alone as former ones, could bring us the outsider image of ...the revengers, the eternal ex'es or anti-freedom of cult workers, although we would like to concentrate only on one or two main issues about procedures and so start an avalanche to investigste later more procedures and lately it should result in best practice in handling of church members who are not conform or are suppressed after being assaulted in all minor captive religions.

    So we should really not give the impression to zealously fight against freedom of belief of minor groups, but we only are concerned much about our fsmily mrmbers and friends lost in the cult to whom is forbidden to contact us. And we would ask the OSCE to agree to a research project about practice regarding church discipline in Europe, compared with discipline in other associations, instituions or in contracts.what are the effects snd costs for public for bad discipline or

    Urging children to attend ethic lessions would be against their personal free choice of belief, thus not practicable.

    So I will think about what kind of cooperation with OSCE,

    Your proposals are welcomed.

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    In case you are interested in livesteam or videos of Human dimension implementation meeting 2015 in Warszaw.

    Agenda and video of today....http://www.osce.org/odihr/181256

    Livestream. .http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cWS7cst3aUm.

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