OSCE (The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

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  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    Well, I just sent an email to the OSCE, explaining a little about their Child Abuse record and their psychological control of members.

    It would be great if everyone could do this.

  • Paul Bonanno
    Paul Bonanno

    On the 9-10 July 2009 the following NGOs participated in Vienna in a meeting organized by OSCE:





    Some of the above names participated in a meeting held in Vienna in December 9 and 10 2010.

  • TheWonderofYou



    The OSCE organisation has a permanent council in Vienna, Austria, Europe

    A simple search for jehovah in the osce homepage leads you for example to all the interesting articles by the europan association of JW concerning religious freedom in russia or ukraine. Of course JW are active here.

    In Austria - my country - Jehovahs witnesses are one of the 16 state approved churches and religious societies, The state has very well a right to look into a religion. They have same duties and rights like islam, catolic, protestant or mormon church. They could offer religious education in school classes, or demand monthly contributions. In Austria obviously as JW you are becoming a "real member " of an state approved institution. Austria lateley changed the religious law for Islam, to prevent financing of terrorism and djihad extremist ideology, via financing of education, training of extremist Imam in Vienna. Before the acceptance of JW as approved religious society it is has been very well checked, wether the teachings are acceptable for the public welfare or not.

    BTW, GB member Gerrit Lösch is Austrian citizen.

  • umbertoecho


    Just a question. Is being a member of the OSCE related to "sort of" membership or alliance with the UN. Do you know the requirements in regard to attending such meetings?
    I understand that the OSCE is also about the security of those member countries...Hence the S and the co-operation bit being the C. However, religious persecutions aside, is there not a very "military" application to the OSCE?

    I have read a small amount on the subject and wonder if you could fill me in or direct me to the relevant sites or pages that may supply the answer. Not lazy, not at all, but you seem to know more about this .........

  • TheWonderofYou

    Did anyone already get an answer or acknowledgment to a letter sent to the OSCE secretariat in Vienna in that matter of this possible violation human rights within religious societies that have captive procedures and dont give a victim of abuse a chance to come out and receive professional help?

    I ask because I wonder if writing a letter without mention a contact person is not professional in my eyes, and i wonder if the main secretariat is the right contact at all, because the bureau that deals with matters of human rights is or seems to be in my eyes the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights situated in Warszaw, of which Michael Georg Link is Director.



    The next link shows Massimo Introvigne speaking at a conference in Vienna. Massimo Introvigne, Managing Director of the Center for Studies on New Religions (CESNUR) and former OSCE Chairman-in-Office's Personal Representative on Combating Racism, Xenophobia, and Discrimination, also Focusing on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians and Members of Other Religions.


    #cesnur http://www.cesnur.org/

    On the Homepage of CESNUR of Massimo Introvigne the next conference about Jehovahs witness The Jehovah’s Witnesses in Scholarly Perspective: What is new in the scientific study of Jehovah’s Witnesses? in April 21-22 2016 in Belgium is mentioned, call for papers

    Further you find an analysis titled
    Jehovah's Witnesses
    ‘They keep changing the dates’: Jehovah’s Witnesses Changing Chronology, by George D. Chryssides

    to be succeeded

  • TheWonderofYou

    Dear umbertoecho:

    In regard to your first question if registering a participant for a meeting or conference of the OSCE organisation, would be a sign or statement of coaliton, associaton or amalgation with OSCE or other political or governmental institutions or international organisations like OSCE UNESCO, NATO, UNO, I would answer this question with a distinct NO, of course not.

    The participants of the "civil society", that is organisations' type name to which the "The European Association of Jehovah's Christian Witnesses" situated in London would belong if it registered again for a conference, could be of any possible religious society or humanitaren organisations or any possible civil organisation

    By participating and talking alone with the participants on the conference, displaying information material, may it be of other civil organisations (type 1) (e.g. religious organisations and churches, caritas universities, caritas, newspaper, clubs) or may it be diplomates/delegates of OSCE (tpye 2) (e.g. parliaments, state departments, governmental commitees for minorties, province governments of different countries), or of international organisations (type 3) (e.g. Council of Europe, Commonwealth of independent states, NATO, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNO, Worldbank), other OSCE institutions and Field activities (type 4) or National Human rights institutions (type 5) the 1) civil society (e.g. religious organisations and churches, universities, caritas, newspaper, clubs)
    - no participant becomes a member of any other institution.

    OSCE/ODIHR Conference Registration System http://meetings.odihr.pl/

    The next annual conference in Warszaw , could be interesting and should not be missed if you would like to share important inform with diplomates of member countries, distribute new documents, build networks to establish or strenghen human rights of NGOs in member countries or beyond, in countries where human rights are not yet established. Under the current activities of that Bureau is the Observation Mission in Ukraine including preparing to deploy an Election Observation Mission (EOM) for these elections in October 2015.

    ODIHR - Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Righs is situation in Poland Warszaw and is one of the OSCE organisations institutions/bureaus. ODIHR works in the field of election observation, reviewing legislation and advising governments on how to develop and sustain democratic institutuions. promoting democratic development, human rights, tolerance and non-discrimination, and the rule of law;

    The Office conducts training programmes for government and law-enforcement officials and non-governmental organizations on how to uphold, promote and monitor human rights.

    At the conference beginning on 21 Sep 2015 in Warszaw you could meet participants of 57 OSCE participating States, Partners for Co-operation, OSCE structures, civil society, international organizations and other relevant actors taking stock of the implementation of the OSCE human dimension commitments, discussing associated challenges, sharing good practices and making recommendations for further improvement.

    If you would like to take part at the conference e.g. as representative of civil society (e.g. as representative of this online discussion forum) you would register under the correct type of organisation and read the document

    http://www.osce.org/odihr/170626?download=true info for civil societies.

    You will find out that the participation is free of cost, but that travel and accomodation has to be born by yourself. A full equipped "IO, NGO room" (International Org., Non governmental org) would be available for the duration of the meeting. Further you could display info material on the tables next to the plenar room. You could distribute material by the conferences documents distribution system. If you would like to organise a sideevent you would have be faster and book earlier so that the other participants could be informed at time.

    I would assume that short before the conference starts, all participants are informed about the other registered members and sideevents, so that you could prepare yourself for the conversations....

    So much to show you how the conference registration ... a typical conventions organisation ... looks like.

    Wether your concern would be to strenghen the freedom of your organsiaton or to strenghen the rights of victims of a cult in both cases it could be a good idea to communicate this with other institutions working on the field of human rights.

    So the OSCE would be the right contact, concerning establishing investigation commissions in other countries. Reason for that is the meaning and importance, the role of the OSCE in the diplomatic decisions and its focus.
    The OSCE has currently already the same if not more influence and supranational authority than NATO, every european country is member and many more.


    Regarding to your second question, if OSCE has a military connection.... to be continued.

  • TheWonderofYou

    There have been many comments on OSCE on this forum already,
    broaching the issue if contact with political organisations or governmental institutions would be hypocrisy.


  • Listener

    It appears that being an NGO participant at hearings requires little in relationship to the OSCE. This is unlike NGO Associate requirements in regards to the UN

    This is from a report on the OSCE website

    NGOs have played a vital role in the OSCE process since its very beginning. The OSCE participating States recognize that NGOs have valuable roles to fulfil in resolving conflicts, promoting tolerance, reporting on human rights issues, delivering humanitarian aid, conflict prevention and early warning. The OSCE has a policy of openness towards NGOs: it has no definition of a non-governmental organization and applies no criteria in its activities and relationship with NGOs other than that they shall not support terrorist activities. The OSCE works with relevant NGOs whether registered or not. The ODIHR has been asked by a participating State to assist it in the drafting of a new law on associations.


    From reading the whole report I gather that NGO status is generally obtained from the entities own Government and they must meet their requirements.

  • TheWonderofYou

    The different status of ngo at uno and osce is a result of the fact, indeed, that uno is an international org with legal personality, uniform legal status , everything agreed upon with UNO, would be legally binding, ....

    Wheras OSCE has no such international legal personality, the agreement of diplomates are politically binding but not legally, as well ss the agreements with NGO, civil instituions.

    Likewise.. osce has no member states but participating states

    Look up the legal framework at osce.

    The possibility to act free and fast without bureaucracy and consistent pressure of legal consequences compared to Uno can be often even an advantage for diplomats in crisis situations.

    Www.osce.org/mc/87192 ...the legal framework

    There is further a osce court of conciliation snd arbitration who can be addressed by state parties in Geneva, UN has a world court of justice works for UN member states. Www.icj-cij.org . www.un.org

    The role and importance of osce results of the meaning the single participants give it anf how effectively it works lately in the practise.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Thst leads to the question or assuming in which networks the JW are supporting human rights, because such info is not available for the regular members of their religion or reported because many would see a regular contact to government or diplomates in UN or Osce as contradiction to doctrine, although in reality it is a humanitarian duty to work for freedom and security for a religious institution

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