OSCE (The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

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  • OrphanCrow
    TheWonderof you: ...such info is not available for the members or reported because many would see a tegular contact to government or diplomates as contradiction to doctrine.

    Not only that, but the JW members might actually become aware of individual human rights and make the connection that the WTS does not respect their own members' human rights,

    The WTS does not want their members to get interested in any human rights issue except for the right to practice their religion and the right to die or let your children die.

  • Vidiot

    OrphanCrow - "...JW members might actually become aware of individual human rights and make the connection that the WTS does not respect their own members' human rights..."

    One of my more significant "wait-a-minute" moments prior to my fade was reading (in the Wikipedia entry on JWs) that while they championed free speech in the courts, JWs did not practice it internally.

    I was mildly shocked, because I was unable to honestly disagree.

  • TheWonderofYou

    2001 - 2015

    A tightrope-walk for Human Rights, Freedom of Religion and belief

    The European Association of Jehovahs Witnesses - EAJW

    15 th year of diplomatic successfull cooperation with OCSE and UN.

    Warszaw, Vienna, London, Kraiinem, Geneve, New York



    Imagine that you are appointed elder, attorney and assigned by the honorable EAJW to strengthen human rights in european states and beyond, where would you want or be obliged to participate in any case?

  • TheWonderofYou

    Sucessful diplomacy is not done behind closed doors thats a false picture, big events of OCSE and UN are the best platform and the best frame for implementing human rights.

    Conferences like the osce human rights implementation meeting from 9/21- 10/2 in Warszaw have bevome more and more important., think also of the refugees crises.

    The OSCE brochure factsheets gives a good overview,how important the role of NGOs is, annualy 1500 participants, 500 NGOs


  • TheWonderofYou

    The U.S. government should urge the government of Turkmenistan to:· Repeal all laws, decrees or regulations and amend those articles of the religion law that violate international norms on freedom of religion or belief, including by implementing the recommendations of the ICNL analysis of the religion law;· Restore genuine legal alternatives to military service on the grounds of religious or conscientious objection based on international commitments, and cease the criminal prosecution and fully restore the civil and political rights of Jehovah's Witnesses and others who refuse to serve in the army on the grounds of conscience;Publicly accessible Consolitated Summary of Human Dimension Implemenation Meeting , Warszaw, 23 Sep. -4 Oct 2013 http://www.osce.org/odihr/elections/107773)



    Since many years the JW church is permanently participating at the diplomatic conferences to respectfully influence policy in establishing legal security for religious entities, taking advantage of the broad range of international diplomatic contacts.
    Among the list of participants at HDIM in 2014 (469 NGOs altogether) which is publicly accessible, http://www.osce.org/odihr/124027 were even 4 NGOs/charities of the Jehovahs witnesses church.
    As these were certainly not overseen by over 1000 high ranking diplomates of the most important institutions of the world that met last year in Warszaw we should not be afraid of speaking about it too.
    NGO Participant No. 22 - Jehovas witnesses Russia
    NGO Participant No. 145 EAJW United Kingdom
    NGO Participant No. 265 JW Poland
    NGO Participant No. 393 Religious Center of JW, Ukraine

    Look up the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting - on page 135 you will find the request of European Association of Jehovah's Christian witnesses to the governments of Eastern Europe, on 10/3/2014. http://www.osce.org/odihr/126123
    If you google "ODIHR summary jehovah" you will find the consolidate summaries with Rapporteur's reports about the work sessions of all years in which Jehovas witnesses among other religious minorites participated on the work sessions.


  • Londo111
    I wish us ex-JWs could also be represented in the OSCE and other like organizations.
  • TheWonderofYou

    Ukraine 2014-2015...Think further about the fact that the security in Ukraine is in this moment very instabile,
    OSCE is committed with supervision of the elections in Ukraine.


    Of course I thought too this could be a "Big Thing" that I discovered because it could be hypocrasy, but what kind of big thing is it lately really? And Would it not be more important than to speak of hypocrasy to insist on human rights for the members of the minority churches as well, because within these minority churches are often tight and strict procedures that surpress the freedom of thoughts? But how to describe these bad procedures in the frame of human rights?

    So I began to look deeper and fist I thought about the reasongs for permanently participating as EAJW or JW eastern european sister charity-NGO's on the OSCE conferences.

    FACT 1. The OSCE is indeed THE keyplayer in European "S" matters and "C" matters, you cant think to big of it, it is the "Big Cheese" if its about Implementing Democratic institutions and Human rights and implementing standards and for legal basis and establishing legal entities for religious charitys of the civil society in the european countries. At the present time it should be a Must for anyone who is interested in Human rights to learn about the OSCE commitments.

    Dont underestimate the significance of the OSCE meetings and the important contacts.

    "The events of 2014 reasserted the continued relevance of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) as the world’s largest regional security organization. The crisis in and around Ukraine, the most serious security crisis in the OSCE region since the end of the Cold War, underlined the importance of the Organization’s role in promoting security, including in what the OSCE calls the “human dimension” of security", says Michael Georg Link, Director of OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Annual report 2014. The elections in Ukraine will be held this October, 2015. http://www.osce.org/odihr/elections/ukraine

    Look further into the list of high ranking honorable diplomates of many countries in the list of 2014:

    Diplomates of several most important states as US state departments, ministers of foreign affairs, embassadors and delegations of Canada, USA and Easter European countries as Kazakhstan, Krgyzstan, Liechtenstein, Uzbekistan, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Ukraine, Israel, Egypt, Afganistan, Thailand, and diplomates of the Holy See, the Council of the Bishops' Conferences of Europe.

    If you take a short look on the respresentatives of the most important and honorable international institutions e.g. Community of Democracies, Council of Europe, European Commission, United Nations High commissioner of Human rights, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees- Liaison Office in Austria, as well as representatives of OSCE internal missions and field activities in various countries e.g. Tajikistan, Serbia, Kosovo, Ukraine, Yerevan/Armenia, you will certainly agree that this is not merely a conference of a little neighbour communities somewhere in the mountains but a conference that has worldwide effects.

    Looking further at the broad variance within the 469 NGOs (non governmental org, charities of the civil society) participating 2014 as Human right organisations, Scientology, Islamic Renaissance Party, Save the children, Simon wiesenthal center, Turkmen initiative for human rights, Women's Independent Democratic Movement - WIDM, Women's Resources Center "SINTEM"Youth Human Rights Group, Warsaw University, Swiss Peace Council, Russian State TV Channel ZVEZDA, Russia Today you see that you would have to plan well with whom you talk and meet or plan a side-event on the conference or with whom you would establish long-term contacts.

    Further ODIHR is assisted in its work by the 12-member Advisory Panel of Experts on Freedom of Religion or Belief, which consists of independent experts from throughout the OSCE region. Members serve in their personal capacities as experts and do not represent any organization or confession.

    Where else than in this environment could you implement Human rights?

    FACT 2. What kind of work is done at OSCE meetings?

    Its of course not about talking of doctrine or belief (interfaith) with other NGOs but implementing the legal and practical standards for democracy as well as implementing good practices for implementing legal constituional basis for religious entities or other minorties as well as how money can be transmitted from abroad to a legal entity in Eastern Europa where no legality is yet.

    The modern successfull OSCE approach to secure and stabilize democracy and human rights depends on the absolute will to co-operation among the NGOs and to share good-practices This is the big plus for the NGOs and reason for OSCE's reputation and authority with the countries.

    Togehter we are strong! And talking at the diplomatic parquet and work for a joint basis is better than writing appealings letters for religious freedom when it is already to late - alone! Think bigger, co-operation in due-time is the up-to-date way of fighting for freedom !

    Also don't forget the appeal of Thomas Wipf ECRL Executive Committee said 2012, speaking about to all religious leaders “They should speak out on behalf of and defend the needs and rights of religious communities other than their own.” It is necessary that all leaders transcend the boundaries of their own faith to point to the importance of freedom of religion and belief.

    Floriane Hohenberg, the Head of ODIHR’s Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Department said. “We believe that co-operation between religious communities, as well as other civil society actors, is vital in ensuring that OSCE commitments on freedom of religion or belief are fully implemented".About 1000 diplomates and 500 charity-NGO represantives participate at the annual meetings!

    An the UNO as you may have already discovered is course working hand in hand with OSCE.

    Obvioulsy it was a successful decision of the governing body to found the charity "Europan Association of JW" in 2000 and to co-operate for human rights with the OSCE and United Nations since then.

  • Vidiot

    The WTS "knows a guy who knows a guy"... who happens to be the "Wild Beast".

  • Paul Bonanno
    Paul Bonanno
    London 111 it's good to know that an organization called FECRIS which defends the rights of ex cults victims is a member of OSCE.
  • Vidiot

    PaulBonanno - "...it's good to know that an organization called FECRIS which defends the rights of ex cults victims is a member of OSCE."

    Now, there's some thump-you-over-the-head irony.

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