Reassigned, complete erasure from memory and near poverty.

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  • Lostandfound

    A complete Scandal is the reassignment to nothing of the thousands (?) of Bethelites, over age COs etc, . Out on the street atfter decades of unpaid service in very many cases. No Home, No Job, No Pension, No Money and No Hope. Dumped on congregations scattered about as their privilege to take up the abject failure of WT to ‘care’ for them. Obnoxious Tony M and others mainly overweight and over blinged , ‘gifts’ from the faithful brothers, well in the Bible it called Simony and absolutely condemned. But my question is, surely the faithful old timers ‘dumped’ are spreading some form of disillusionment and disappointment , or are they really brain dead as well as almost being dead to the WT, for all the interest in them it has. No obvious signs of any kickback from the ruthless layoffs made even without any mention of thanks for those reassigned by the soulless GB, “thank you for sacrificing your life and family to serve us, now please go away so we can enjoy or new lakeside apartments, not like the old rooms you endured, such a pity, you would have liked it here but no room for non earners, so on your way”

  • stillin

    I suspect that those who have been "reassigned" go to their new congregations with every outward appearance of being "holy ones." They wear their humility like a crown and they reign over those lesser ones with utter sanctimoniousness. (Sorry about the big word. It seemed like the right one.)

    Exemplary. Kudos and tidbits is what they need and they'll catch more flies with honey than they will with vinegar

  • fulano

    The thing is when you are in special full-time service the "brothers" are repeativly saying you do your service voluntarily for Jehovah, not for the society. It's slick and low and gives them the power to treat the non-skilled bethelites like dirt. On the other hand, in 1999 they needed a specialized accountant I remember, but he had three children and a wife and wasn't even a pioneer as I rember correctly. No problem they gave them a Floor I think in Willowstreet, one of the many town-houses they owned, uh Jehovah owned.

  • scratchme1010

    The WT is the kind of cult that gets off by controlling and manipulating their people. I know that in the case of used and discarded bethelites and COs is more obvious, but your post applies to all JWs.

    All those people are left with are anecdotes to tell. Sad.

  • blownaway

    A lot of times what happens is some brother who has a business gives them a token job. They have to now work till dead. My Grandfather was a CO for several years, and a SP for some years. Then an elder in his older age. I could tell he knew that there was some BS in the cult. He never said it but he took a job as a prison guard to get a small pension. If you work in "hazardous" job for the gov, its only 10 years and you get a pension. He never said that is what he did but before that he worked as an orange picker, furniture mover, book keeper for a small business and carpet installer. Anything to keep the bills paid. When he was a SP he had one child my mother. She was not planed and was told this all the time. They lived on picking up bottles along the road in Maine in the SP work along with the small stipend that was given them by the cult. His pension was only 300 a month but it was enough to help pay some bills. The cult is evil. It will continue to do what it does as long as kool aid drinkers drink the drink.

  • freddo

    Congregation about 30 miles from me (that has a PIMI relative of mine in it) last year had a fifty five year old booted bethelite and his wife move in. Story goes he was in a Bethel for twenty five years and when it closed he got moved to London; then last year he got booted out of London to a rural England congregation.

    So a foreign national, with no pension, at age 55 has to find accommodation and work for him and his wife. The congregation has a "wide boy" who runs "self employed" (not on his books as employees with proper benefits) teams of cleaners and window washers and so our Booted Bethelite is washing windows, paying £600 a month for rental of a small flat and with no pension contributions. His wife is working as a part time NHS assistant and pioneering.

    They still put on a brave face and "love Jehovah" but word is he especially is disilllusioned (but quiet about it) as the delusion runs deep with his wife.

    They remind me of an old proud couple who have been conned out of their life savings but who are too proud to admit it or at least cannot bear to face up to it.

  • LongHairGal


    I’m sure many brothers with businesses have pressure put on them to hire these bethelites. And who says they will be a good worker? If they screw up, is Bro. Business supposed to keep them anyway?

    I would never wish bad on anybody, but the only upside to this situation is that those bethelites who criticized people (like me) in the real world for having a job, and made remarks about being “not spiritual” - are going to learn how it feels to have to earn a living!

    So, every day of their life when they go to their low-paid job provided by a brother who is just tolerating them they will feel the full brunt of it.

    Any bethelites anywhere had better be making plans for when THEY will be sent packing. I’m sure glad I am no longer in any congregation to hear any appeals for money for any of these people!

    Good riddance to it all.

  • humbled

    Sad isn’t big enough for these stories.

  • Finkelstein

    But my question is, surely the faithful old timers ‘dumped’ are spreading some form

    of disillusionment and disappointment , or are they really brain dead as well as almost

    being dead to the WT, for all the interest in them it has.

    There is another catch 22 here that has to be realized for these individuals who are still JWS have to keep shut about their disillusionment and being vocal about their thoughts or they too risk getting DFed or shunned as it were.

    Most of these people have their own family members as JWs as well, so if they get Dfed for apostasy they will lose any support from their family members as well. $$$

    So being vocal about doubts and questions about the WTS could cause more problems on top of one another.

    Of course the GB men haven't these problems, they have the swimming pools, the tennis courts, paid for cars, food and shelter, costs to travel all around the world and health and dental care provided by the WTS., they are comfortable and smiling all the way to the podium.

    They know its important to keep the organization ongoing if you catch my drift.

  • wannabefree

    I would think if there was a class action lawsuit about using these people up and dumping then with nothing, Watchtower would be forced to do something, but the majority of discarded lifetime volunteers have too much to lose and probably still think it's God's Organization. Between a rock and a hard place to be sure.

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