Polish Publishers that became inactive in 2015 will be reported to Branch Office

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  • fastJehu
    Given the special care we're giving to our inactive ones, we ask your secretary to prepare an additional letter about witnesses, who became inactive in service year 2015. Please specify their names, surnames, age and a short summary about what you think was the cause for their current situation.

    The S-10 form will have a attachment for fastJehu like this:

    We asked him and he told us, that he was looking the video from Geoffrey Jackson on the Royal Commission in Australia. Brother Jackson said in the video, that to be inactive is possible and this person will not be controlled or hunted by a JW-police-state.


  • Vidiot

    IMO, this confirms something I've suspected for years...

    ...that the WTS wants to take some kind of blanket action re. faders; say, declaring them as having "disassociated" themselves after being inactive after X amount of time.

  • FayeDunaway
    Vidiot I agree. They are obsessed with control of every situation and faders must drive them nuts. To discern between people who really don't believe them anymore and just want to avoid trouble, and those who still believe but are inactive, there may be some 'loving provision from jehovah' for inactive to become active and people who just can't make themselves live a lie to take a stand. Getting NAMES tho...must be a way to try to track those who are posting on sites and do some detective work to figure out who is who. I hope it's less ominous than that, but if not, why would the branch care to know their names? This is not that benign of an organization.
  • Vidiot

    FayeDunaway - "This is not that benign of an organization."

    I think you meant to say, "This is not at all a benign organization." :wink:

  • Heaven
    If they start this kind of search in Canada, they aren't going to want to find my Dad.
  • Gayle
    I don't trust their motive in trying to round up info on ones leaving. A form of blackmail? An effort to shut the mouths of ones leaving, that are exposing the WT? Using deceit methods to try to get them to come back to kowtow to WT? Ways to try to deceitfully take back their "shunning" tactics and a ploy to deny that the WT ever had "shunned?"
  • FadeToBlack

    Ok. I happen to be in Poland and haven't been to a meeting or out in service for over a year. My wife is still free to have her friends over and on occasion a few do come, but so far I have only gotten the 'we miss you' message and as I mentioned in another thread, she did give me a copy of the 'return' tract. She didn't ask if I had read it.

    If I get any invites for a discussion about why I'm inactive, I'll let you know. I suspect they will probably just ask my wife. And she will probably just say that I have gone insane (rants about GB/607/global flood/pedophiles/etc).

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