Polish Publishers that became inactive in 2015 will be reported to Branch Office

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  • FayeDunaway

    How I WISH I was never in any sort of file with this organization!!! It's like having your identity stolen, you see the effects years later. Or it's like unwittingly joining the mafia, having to go in the 'witness protection program' (ironic name). Or it's like the CIA or living in McCarthyism, and they've got a file on you somewhere.

    If you are lurking and considering joining this religion, heed my words. Want to lose your sense of privacy? Want big brother watching you? Then go ahead.

  • DarioKehl

    Here's the deal on this...

    IF they're ballsy enough to come after us faders, I'm done fading. It's time now for me personally to be honest with them. If they're gathering data to collect the reasons "why" people are leaving/going inactive, then maybe this is the time we let them know. Up to now, you can't volunteer info or ask "the wrong questions," because those actions have consequences. You can no longer write the branch with questions or concerns because they just forward it back to your local elder body. But THIS time, they will not only listen but document our concerns. It's rare, but public social pressure has affected change in high control groups in the past. They may take our data and double down on their strict policies or write a series of wt articles "explaining away" and minimalizing our concerns (as they did a few years ago with that pitiful series about 607/587). But, then again, they may actually be faced with a pile of data too big to ignore and "make adjustments in understanding" on key issues. The mormons did it re: blacks in the priesthood. The vatican did it with heliocentrism and evolution.

    i know what I'm gonna share with them, in order of importance:

    1) disfellowshipping

    2) child sex abuse/2-witness rule/not warning publishers with children about prior offenders

    3) dishonest writing/misquoting experts or quoting out of context

    5) blood issue

    6) science & history proving bible wrong (evolution, global flood, genetics, no archeological evidence for exodus, etc)

    these are very real concerns, very specific issues and NOT "mentally diseased" rants. They'll be forced to stare at this data right in the face and I imagine, it will wake a lot of them up. This will be the first time many of them--including elders & bethelites--even hear about these issues. Imagine if they see the same bullet points come up over and over again from thousands of faders across every country. I think it'll do some good.

    Thats my plan anyway. But only if they press me. Otherwise, I'm gonna stay silent on all of it and continue with my fade.

  • freemindfade
    I wonder if they have noticed people opting more these days for walking away than df or da? They are probably just trying to better understand how their religion is falling apart.

    Maybe there are some sincere and concerned individuals that are wondering, "WHERE THE F*** IS THE NEW WORLD?? WTF IS GOING ON?!?!??"

    You never know? It's been 100 years since 1914 and approximately jack-shit has happened as predicted. The top dogs have got to be worried on some level, even if it's just about money.


  • Listener

    This is a manipulative way to make Elders try to find out why a person is fading. They are going to look a bit silly to put the reason for a person being inactive as 'I don't know". It's also encouraging the Elders to make guesses and basically amounts to gossip.

    Next they will want to know why people aren't donating but I guess it goes hand in hand. If their inactive, they're not going to be donating.

  • _Morpheus
    How very interesting! I wonder if this will show up in other branches... On a personal note, when i was secretary NOBODY ever went inactive. It would have made us look bad as elders so i made time up for irregulars. I know i wasnt the only one
  • purrpurr

    I can't believe that they would only do this in just one country, they must be doing it in others or at least planning to.

    If they do this in my country then my names gonna be on that list.

    In a way this could be a good thing. When therealise the extent of the numbers who have faded it could frighten them into changing?

  • Londo111

    Poland is one of the countries over 100K publishers that has experienced a decline in recent years...even per Yearbook numbers.

    Does anyone has a translation of the full letter?

  • FayeDunaway

    If their motive is to find out WHY, they can just come to places like this and see threads like 'what woke you up?' I think it's more about control than research.

    interesting that it's Poland. They've been free to worship there only since The early 90's.

  • OrphanCrow
    Faye: interesting that it's Poland. They've been free to worship there only since The early 90's.

    And Poland apparently has a child abuse scandal happening now, too:


    Maybe the WTS is being required to produce an accurate count of their members for legal purposes. The same thing seems to be happening in Ecuador.

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