Would you slam the door in his face?

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  • OlderTom

    If a man knocked on your door and introduced himself as Jesus Christ son of Jehovah, would you ask him in and feed him or would you slam the door in his face and call the cops?

    If your daughter came home pregnant and claimed it was an imaculate conception, would you believe her?

    Why do you believe in the other virgin birth?

    How do you justify the difference?


  • willy_think

    in boston i met a man who said he was jesus. but he looked and ackted like a dude who did too much acid and could not come down.
    do you think i should have taken him into my house were my baby was and called him lord?

    i don't

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  • Prisca

    Whoa, OlderTom!!!

    What did you have for dinner?? What was in it??!?!

    You've asked some very pertinent questions. I'm afraid I would call the cops if some guy came to my door and claimed to be the Son of God. Unless he could do some amazing miracle, like turn my glass of water into wine, LOL!

    As for the virgin birth, I've always thought the Society (and most religions for that matter) really don't give Joseph enough credit. After all, how would you react if your fiancee came to you and said she was pregnant, when you KNEW it wasn't yours?? Yet he stuck by her. Quite a man.

  • neyank

    Hi Tom,
    Interesting questions.
    If a man said that he is Jesus,he should certainly be able to
    back up that claim as Jesus did 2000 yrs. ago.
    He rose people from the dead,cured people from sicknesses,
    fulfilled all the prophesies pertaining to His coming.
    So I guess if a man making such a claim as him being Jesus
    proved it as Jesus did before, I would certainly take him in and feed Him.

    As far as my daughter coming home pregnant, (excuse me while I pull my hair out!!!!)
    claiming it was by imaculate conception, I don't think I would believe that.
    The scriptures state that when Jesus comes again, all eyes will see Him.
    I think that would go against Him being born again via imaculate conception.


  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    if someone came to my door claiming to be jesus. . .

    i would explain to him that times have changed and that i need some proof in order to believe,

    being that he is the understanding individual that he is im sure he would understand and be willing to oblige. . .

    i would tell him to hold on a second and i would return with 4 items so that he could prove himself. . .

    1. Lettuce
    2. Sugar
    3. Multi-Vitamins
    4. Reem of Printer Paper

    i would explain to him that though we still drink wine, i would need evidence of something more current, for i already am familiar with his water to wine magic trick.

    i would ask him to convert my items into :

    1. Weed
    2. Coke
    3. Amphetamines/Barbituates/ Ecstasy
    4. Acid

    having passed the test i would let him in for if nothing else he is quite the party animal. . .


  • Yerusalyim


    Just to correct your doctrine-eze, the Immaculate Conception had to do with Mary, Jesus' mother, being conceived without the stain of Original Sin, not with the Virgin Birth. I wonder what mary's parents said, if anything. We have no indication that she told anyone other than Joseph. It took a dream of an angel to straighten him out.

    If this same person claiming to be God's Son was healing the sick and raising the dead I would at least listen to what he had to say.


  • Yerusalyim

    I'm tired of being a NEWBIE, I want to be a Junior Member, how many times do I need to post to become a "Junior member"?

  • riz


    First I would look out my peephole (lol) and make sure that it wasn't witnesses on my doorstep.

    Once I concluded that it's not a couple of jw's, I would open the door. Judging by my mental picture that I have of Jesus, he looks to me like he'd be a swinging enough fellow.

    I'd ask him what was up, and if he told me that he was Jesus the son of Jehovah, yeah I'd have to say I'd slam the door. Unless of course he first offered to turn some water into wine, because I think it would be sweet to get loaded with Jesus.


  • slipnslidemaster

    Well... Evidentally nobody found this funny the first time, but I'll try again.


    Jesus is back and is dating!

    . o O (slipnslidemaster)

  • outnfree

    Yeru is right. The Immaculate Conception refers to Mary's conception. Jesus was conceived supernaturally. Interesting that the Scriptures don't tell us what Mary's PARENTS' reaction was to her being pregnant out of wedlock. Were they as upset as neyank would be?

    I wouldn't believe my daughter, either. I'd likely take her to a psychologist after confirming the pregnancy at a gynecologist! LOL

    I'm also with those who said if the modern Jesus was performing the miracles and giving the wise speeches that he did the first time around, I'd be mighty impressed and willing to consider the possibility. But if he showed up on my doorstep with no introduction as a stranger and just said, "Hi! I'm Jesus!" I would NOT let him in.
    And I'd have faith that he would understand...


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