I was unkind & I am deeply sorry

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  • Dolosus

    Early this morning, I was stopped at a service station dealing with a mechanical issue with my motorcycle. I was approached by 2 young men who pro-offered some of your reading material. I deeply regret that I was very unkind; in actual fact, I was quite mean in my response to them. They did not deserve the treatment that they received from me. Unfortunately, I do not know their names or their congregation, or I would apologize directly. I am not ignorant of your theology, as I had a close relative who was involved in your church when I was growing up. My disagreement with it did not warrant my actions or words.

    In lieu of my personal apology, I would hope that those of you who have been similarly treated in your witnessing activities, to not take it personally and to forgive those who have mistreated you.

  • _Morpheus
    I think you will find many here would have said worse.
  • OneEyedJoe

    I don't take it personally how I was occasionally treated in the past while trying to push my cult on other people. I was (unknowingly) trying to force people into the same mental prison that I was in... I think that warrants some hostility.

    In case you haven't worked it out, this forum is mostly made of people that have left (or are trying to leave) the JW cult :-)

  • Autumnation4414
    Don't feel too bad, I'm sure those witnesses went on their merry way thinking how you were going to die at armagedon.
  • rebel8
    jws are not allowed to come to sites like this. Most of the people here have or are in the process of escaping that mind control cult, and understand your frustration.
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Autumnation441412 minutes agoDon't feel too bad, I'm sure those witnesses went on their merry way thinking how you were going to die at armagedon.

    Hah, exactly my thoughts!
  • millie210

    It takes a very special person to attempt to make amends when they feel they have wronged someone.

    Its really nice to meet you Dolosus.

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    Those people you mistreated did not deserve it, but since they are an extension and the voice of their very despicable leaders, just assume that the mistreatment was directed to their leaders, who deceive, manipulate and exploit the rank and file witnesses. You are actually a very good person, don't think too much about what happened. Witnesses are used to that treatment and they will have to get used to much worse once the world learns the truth about their leaders. For starters google "pedophiles and Jehovah's witnesses" or the Australian Royal Commission, or false prophecies, or shunning.
  • smiddy


    You sound like a nice guy with a conscience who feels bad about treating somebody unkindly.

    Stick around on this site and see just how unkind , no despicable these people treat their own family members simply because they do not want to be J.W.`s anymore .

    Parents refuse to talk to their children anymore , cutting them off completely.

    Children disown their parents and refuse to have anything to do with them .even forbidding them to have anything to do with grandchildren .

    Why ? Simply because they no longer want to be a Jehovah`s Witness .and this is the pain they suffer .

    So don`t feel bad for them my friend , feel bad for the families this religion destroys in causing divisions and heartache .

    Welcome to the board I hope you stick around and gain more knowledge of a religion that claims to be the only true religion but proves false by their actions.


  • Sabin
    Dolosus, Being able to say sorry is a good thing. Don't sweat it. Big Hug for you.

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