I was unkind & I am deeply sorry

by Dolosus 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Welcome DOLOSUS - I'd have a beer with you any day!

    Don't feel too bad, we all say or do something in a moment, then regret it.

    Enjoy the forum here.

  • stillin

    You did them a favor. You reinforced their world view. Now they can feel persecuted for their beliefs.

    next time, kill them with kindness.


    Shame on you!! Now you must accept a bible study and become a JW! What a happifying yearbook tale it would make!!


  • Heaven

    Hi Dolosus... thanks for signing up and posting.

    I'm sure a lot of JWs are used to being treated badly. I can understand being unkind to them if you don't like their religion. Many are ignorant of the absurdity and damaging nature of their beliefs

    If you don't want to engage with them next time just tell them you are a disfellowshipped apostate and watch them run.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    I encounter a few meanies here and there in the territory, but it means nothing to me....ever. The average JW knows that for the most part the message is not well received. So, don't sweat it.

    Try to be kinder to people in general no matter what their message when approached nicely.


  • Vidiot

    You seem like a good guy, Dolosus, but if you want to apologize to active, loyal JWs, you've kinda come to the wrong place, because they will not get the memo.

    In fact, you've pretty much come to the opposite of the right place.

    (Not that we want you to leave.)

  • millie210
    We might all be surprised at all the active Witnesses reading here!
  • Vidiot
    True dat; you never know.
  • steve2

    Hope your mechanical issue is now sorted!

  • Stealth

    What exactly did you say to them?

    I once had a a old guy tell us that he was going to get his WWII bayonet and shove it up our ass for not supporting the military then chased us all they way back to the street.

    Funny now.

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