"Crises of Conscience"

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  • Olivia Wilde
    Olivia Wilde

    Millie210: Yes I stop going to an English congregation years ago. I have found that people just go for the people, they don't care much about the "doctrines" or changes, just following the heard like usual. It's a different culture where there are alot of social gatherings, people talk, bring food and have music and dancing-"wordly music".... in the language congregation I am in very rarely "apostates" are mentioned from the platform or talks. I only hear about "apostates" at conventions or assemblies.

    I don't think many in this language group really understand the changes of the faithful discrete slave, overlapping generations, etc....I also do not believe many even heard the infamous "tight pants" talk by Morris or even the annual meetings talks, I think because many do not understand English very well or at all so they are oblivion to what their leaders are saying. They care more making friendships and going to the next gathering and talk about trivial things. The culture has alot to do with it too I think, more warmer, touchy touch people and embracing of change, they like being followers and do not question authority because its in bedded in their culture...

    JW facts.com is not translated in another language than english and the earlier WT publications back in the 1900s were only in English so many JWs in other language groups who do not understand english very well wouldn't be able to read those and know what was being taught to wake them up!!

  • millie210

    I hadnt really thought about so many informational resources only being available it the English language but that makes sense.

    It seems that part of the appeal of a fundamentalist religion is the struggle against "something".

    There is meaning in struggle. It reduces everything to its simplest parts and provides instant gratification in that just by the struggle - one is "winning".

    The English congregations have lost that for the most part. They are getting more and more mainstream with the lethargy and the blase social sense of "gathering together".

    In my area, people are flocking to the alternative language groups. Perhaps it is a middle ground between the English halls and leaving all together?

  • steve2

    Excellent points Olivia.

    I had not given much thought to how so much more information is available in English both from the organization and about the organization than in other languages.

    To those who do not know English and who speak other languages, the finer points of the organization's history of flip-flops and doctrinal changes and inconsistencies may be completely lost.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Olivia, you might enjoy his other book, "In Search of Crispy Chicken."

    Best wishes.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Olivia Wilde: O.P " Crises of conscience"

    Nathen Nat ass " Was it because you had tears in your eyes that you got the title of the book wrong?

    The Rebel, (A) The meaning of the name Olivia is piece. It doesn't matter how you spell peace, it's something inside you and I hope you find it Olivia.

    The Rebel.

    p.s Nathan Natas, The " In Search of Crispy Chicken" comment made me laugh.

  • crazy_flickering_light

    I agree, if you can read english, you got far more input. And the older light is unknown, or the crazy trash they write. So for example, that woman maybe getting mans in the new world. Also a lot of texts sounds in other languages not so crazy. Maybe they wrote it in english, a shitstorm came up and the translation was "optimized".

    The languagegroups often far away from the typical congs. More fun, but often also full we special people. If a guy in a languagegroup do a little bit more, he gets very fast MS or elder. So there a lot of people looking for the expressway to the top.

    You donĀ“t have jwfacts in other languages, but nearly every bigger language got some sites with the main informations. A lot of stuff gets translated. So "Shadow of Sin" - you can look it also in german. It's harder to get a JW to look at theses sites.

  • jookbeard
    a real eye opener and book that once opened cant be put down Ray and Eds treatment and the others during the which hunt was appalling, the sections on Malawi and Mexico clinched it for me.
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Ex -Witnesses be the envy of all your friends, with an eloquent addition to your living room mantlepiece, purcase a signed copy of " Crisis of conscience" in Japanecse.

    And what ever language the book is written in it "will have tears rolling down your eyes". because the fact is the tears were already bottled up before we started reading it, and those tears are because the Ed Dunlops are in every congregation and every Bethel today, just waiting to be kicked out....it's not words in books that make us rebel against the W.T it's the cold calculating behaviour and luck of love that we witness from its followers.

    The Rebel

  • MarkofCane

    Hi Olivia

    CoC was an important read for me, it filled in all the gaps about the men in the ivory tower. The way they treated Ray makes sense Ray help to wright Aid to Bible understanding so he was the scholar he immersed himself in research. When the society received information regarding 607 and the implication it would have on 1914 Ray understood it to be correct. They told Ray that regardless of the truth they would not change there doctrine, when he persisted they removed him from Bethel , when they could not silence him they disfellowshiped to shut him up. Little did they know he would write a book that would reveal there inter workings. All the authority I bestowed on these individuals evaporated once I understood there agenda. "The only authority they have is what you give them"


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    From the posting guidelines:

    "What not to post...

    • Unreadable, non-english or gibberish / nonsense"

      In my never-humble opinion, pidgin english, like "l33t" does not belong on the board. I'm sorry if non-english speakers and illiterates find this discomforting and I invite them to start their own boards on which their ignorance can proliferate.

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