Is it Gospel?

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    G'day Oz!

    I would expect anyone becoming a Christian would dwell on what Jesus said.......wouldn't you? The accounts making up the 'gospels' were supposedly recorded and circulated verbally{long before they went into print) and would have to be the focus of discussion and contemplation amongst new converts and the congregations as oppose to what the teachings of others were. That would be a reasonable expectation. But evidence of that is absent.

    So far as Paul is concerned I would expect him to learn as much as possible about the Christ having been an opposer. This would involve meeting those still alive who had first hand knowledge of him and his sayings. I expect someone like Paul would have meditated on these and used them in his letters to others. He refers to 'Christ' in his letters but not to an historical person who lived only a few years earlier.

    What would you say to someone who told you of a messiah that had died for you?! When you enquired about personal details of that one - there were none. How believable would that all be? Well that was one of the problems…….hence the gospels.


  • dark clouds
    dark clouds


    Im so with you on this. . .

    Paul's writings in my eyes were a farce, a creation of the church fathers to control and mold the beliefs of the church goers. . .

    I wrote a thread about a month back titled:
    How Well Do You Know The Bible
    check it out . . .
    and get back to me

    i think we both think along similar lines. . .

    Dark Clouds

    by the way i just love it when fundies prove the bible USING the bible

    (edited to correct a few missed words)

  • ISP

    Hi Dark Clouds,

    Pauls letters were wrote before 70 CE and are basically genuine. The 'pastorals' are however considered to be forgeries. So you cannot reject what he says in favour of something else so easily.

    The gospels were evidently created to put validity to a mythical character. It seems no one at the time excepted they were true. In fact the supposed features compared with paganism.

    Centuries before Christianity Pagans also worshipped a Son of God. This person was also born of a virgin on the 25th of December before 3 shepherds,turned water into wine,died and ressurected at easter and offered his body and blood as a Holy Communion.

    There is no historical evidence of Jesus and what if these Pagan myths had been reworked as the gospel accounts?


  • Flowerpetal

    Hi Dark Clouds! I will look for your thread!

  • Flowerpetal

    Dark Clouds,
    I read your post. You have raised some interesting questions and things to think about.

    One thing, though, when Jesus was talking about building his church or congregation, he was referring to himself as the rock, or rock mass. It was neither John or Peter.

  • Undecided

    Hi ISP,

    Paul did mention Christ words at Acts 20:35. Where he got this quote is not known, since it's not in the gospels.

    Ken P.

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