Is it Gospel?

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  • ISP

    Hi Crossroads.....

    The good news that Paul preached came from where? Any thoughts?


  • crossroads

    Jesus smacked Paul upside the head. Paul realized
    when he picked himself off the floor that KING of the JEWS
    had risen from the dead. Yes Jesus the Christ was alive
    and the LORD told him to tell others.

  • ISP

    I guess so......

    Paul made it clear that he did not learn anything from others.

    *** Rbi8 Galatians 1:11-12 ***
    11 For I put YOU on notice, brothers, that the good news which was declared by me as good news is not something human; 12 for neither did I receive it from man, nor was I taught [it], except through revelation by Jesus Christ.

    Why would anyone take that view? Anyone living at the time would want to meet and talk to those that had lived with Jesus? Not Paul - the good news he preached was bereft of references to anything appearing in the gospels. The inference is the gospels and the substance of the gospels were not discussed etc by those early Christians. And that is the case as the first reference to them as writings was circa second century.


  • crossroads

    ISP-didn't Paul meet and talk with Peter and John? So were
    they discussing the super bowl or the hockey playoffs. John
    himself said if all was wriiten about the LORD all the books in the world couldn't contain them. They had no mighty TOWER
    that could print things for them. Are we questioning the validity
    of Paul on this thread or the whole of the NT. Why is it imposible
    to think that Paul got his info from above. Check out the Gospel
    of Luke I ask you where did he get his info? Beware of freddies
    translation here, please use the greek. Hint-who were the
    witness's to what the Lord said to the evil doers.
    Now if some of you are saying that Paul is a conspriacy by
    the early church what of Acts? If you can prove this conspiracy
    can one of you tell me who actually killed, JFK-MLK and BOBBY
    by the way did we really go to the moon and did aliens really
    crash in N.M.
    As for more writers just a thought maybe they weren't
    educated these guys weren't brain surgeons you know.
    Of the ones that did write we know some were very educated.
    Remember he gave some for this some for that not all to write

  • ISP

    Hi Crossroads,

    I think you will find the gospels and Acts were all written around the 2nd century. All fun fiction!
    Check out this link for a timeline on all writers of the time. Mention of Jesus is surprisingly scarce/non-existence!


  • ISP

    Writers from first century-and-a-half:

    Not sure on the previous link!

  • Flowerpetal

    I have some thoughts and questions, and this subject has been an ongoing discussion with another friend and myself.

    Here are some questions: Why is it that the man who never knew Jesus or walked with him or was in his company get more books of his books put in the Greek scriptures than those who were his apostles, who were eyewitnesses of what Jesus said and did?

    Who else thinks that Peter and John (predominatly) had more writings than what is contained in the Greek scriptures.

    I believe the Vatican has the answers and is hiding the information.

    As far as Luke and Paul are concerned, Luke recorded things Jesus supposedly said and did, such as what he said to the evildoer before he died, and he wasn't even there to hear the conversation, but John was, and never recorded it. Paul seems to repeat almost the same words about the night of the Lord's Evening Meal as Luke did. Now I wonder why that was?

  • willy_think

    one thing to remember is that the bible did not exist in the early years of christianity. it is an compilation of early christian writings put together by a group of catholic biships. what thay put in and what thay left out was there choice not gods.

    if you say i don't belief, because there are no known writings about this or that. you must think that all the eraly witings survived the times rome was sacked and the dark ages. i think much was lost.

    rembmber the persicution of the early christians, do you think the romans, killed the people but saved there witten documents? or do you think thay would have destroyed the written teachings in order to put an end to christianity..

    look at the glass of water on your table 50% of the glass is water. is it half full or half empty?? you are given two choices. but i tell you truely the glass is full. if you say it is not so you are only believing what you can see not what is. the glass is full.

    50% liquid, 50% gas

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  • bjc2012


    Acts 9:15,16 says: "But the Lord said to him: "Be on your way, because this man (Saul/Paul) is a chosen vessel to me to bear my name to the nations as well as to kings and the sons of Israel. For I shall show him plainly how many things he must suffer for my name.""

    Romans 11:13 says: "Now I speak to you who ar epeople of the nations. Forasmuch as I am, in reality, an apostle to the nations, I glorify my ministry."

    Paul's assignment was different than any other. Only a remnant of the nation of Israel accepted Jesus. Therefore, the nation was completed using Gentiles. They became the majority group in the symbolic 'olive tree' described at Romans 11:17-24. They lived throughout the Roman Empire. They were of different nationalites. Paul witnessed to these. Why would not his letters to these various groups comprise the majority of the writings in the Greek Scriptures?


  • crossroads

    Flowerpetal what a great sixties name.
    Luke 1:3-"it seemed good to me also,[to write]
    having had PERFECT understanding of all things from
    the very first".NKJV-now from the greek according to those
    puplishers from N.Y. "it seemed[good] also to me having
    followed closely from ABOVE to all things".
    Is not Luke stating where he is getting his info from, is it
    not the same place where Paul got his.
    John was there at the impalement that day but was he a
    witness to what was said between individuals so high
    up with guards around them. You must picture the setting
    not movie or tv setting actually whats happening. The LORD'S
    death didn't take minutes it was quite a long day. Which
    followed a very long night for John. Now taking everthing
    into account why is Luke the only gospel to mention this?
    Because there were only three eyewitness's to what happened
    up there that day. And they were all dead in the flesh. But Luke
    was relating the story from an eyewitness. Yes the only
    eyewitness that could tell him. The LORD JESUS himself.
    1-? Faith in Jesus coming-dying-rising is what is needed to be
    saved-that is what the whole N.T. is about. The LORDand FAITH.
    Now who be deemed to be showing the most Faith one who
    saw or one who didn't. Remember what Jesus said to Thomas,
    good Thomas you believe but blessed are the ones who
    don't see and believe.
    Peace and Love-Mark

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