Is it worth making a JW Talk profile?

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  • Lemonp

    I have looked at the JW talk forums every now and again. Is it any use making a profile to get in?

    Mainly just to laugh at the pathetic discussion that they carry on with.

    Is it worth it?

    Does anyone have a profile already?

  • Oogie

    I did, it probably got deleted now due to inactivity. Plus, you have to answer questions like: what's the current KM say...?

    I know of other ex-jws who have one, but they have to post regularly and not post anything too, basically joining the WT again.

  • username

    If you want to feel under constant scrutiny and answer the many questions before being approved, even then the approval will be less that straight forward as your sign up will be put under scrutiny by the judicial committee that is the admin team. Beware though, if you do sign up be sure to use untraceable details of yourself because if they find any details as they conduct a snooping exercise on you that you have posted on any website deemed as "apostate" then you will be blocked from even the public view!

    I had this happen to me but I can view the public forum again as I changed my ISP recently.

  • Splash

    Some parts are quite interesting but it's not a discussion forum, it's a worship forum for the GB.

    I couldn't stomach the adulation and juvenile reasoning, so got banned for pointing out an obvious but irrefutable problem with their teachings.

    They talk of love, but it's actually a very hateful and suspicious forum.

  • millie210

    When I was feeling mortally wounded with the Org I reached out in desperation looking beyond my local congo for some kind of answers.

    I found this place and decided it was rather radical (I am laughing at myself now for thinking that - this place has actually been my salvation) so I decided to use a system of checks and balances.

    I would join JW Talk so I could access the members levels (consolation and support threads) and I would come here.

    Meanwhile I kept going to meetings and writing the Society about my personal situation that caused all the upheaval in the first place.

    The writing and the local meetings didnt help 1%. The JW Talk forum was annoying as hell. They dont behave in a real way. Most everyone there is busy trying to "out spiritual" one another with their comments. There is one moderator that is pretty cool and "out there" by JW standards and I follow his instagram and wonder how long before he ends up here.

    I still check in once in a while over there just to see what is being said but for the most part it is one big yawn.

    I did find an elder I knew and a relative posting there although I havent mentioned it to either of them. It is of no matter.

    You used to have to give a picture to gain access and then post a number of times to gain inner access. I dont know what the rules are now.

  • wannaexit

    I registered with an alias I use when commenting on youtube xjw channels.........Well I was blocked pretty fast. I sent an email asking why I was banned and the response was that they didin't feel that the forum was a good fit for me.

    I realized that they googled the name and saw I was an ex. hehehehhe.

  • OneFingerSalute

    Well where else could you find some pearls of wisdom like this little gem:


    6 DAYS AGO: Adam and Eve appeared on the scene and sinned...and Jehovah made immediate plans to fix the situation.

    39 HOURS AND 45 MINUTES LATER: Jehovah prevented the demons from returning to their original position and the flood took place, cleansing the earth...fresh start for humans.

    10 HOURS LATER: The covenant was made with Abraham promising the ransom. The next day, the law covenant outlined the details of the ransom and plans were made for the ransom to be paid.

    ONE DAY, ONE HOUR AND 48 MINUTES LATER: The ransom was paid.

    TWO HOURS AND 15 MINUTES AGO: Jesus was enthroned and cleansed the heavens and finalized the Kingdom arrangement....


    A "few minutes"? That could be another couple hundred years of very soon!

  • SecretSlaveClass
    What kind of stagnant mind does it take to concoct such utter drivel???!
  • Autumnation4414
    What kind of stagnant mind does it take to concoct such utter drivel???!

    This one:

  • OneFingerSalute

    From the jw talk site:

    "It may take several days to get a response should a site representative in fact choose to do so."

    How very JDubya of these cult controlled drones! Sounds an awful lot like the typical eldurr or branch phone operator!

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