belly up to the bar, guys and gals

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  • riz

    Woohoo! Now this is more like it!
    Looks like all we needed was a few drinks and some good conversation.
    Now we need some music to REALLY get the party going!

    Chuck, would you mind doing the honors? After all, you are the resident d.j.

    (starting to feel a little saucy)

  • unanswered

    making another trip to the liquor people are cleaning me out.:)

    thanks so much for all the responses, and the good ideas on possible ways to keep the negativity down. thank you too, for the opinions-from both sides of the spectrum. i think that sometimes just addressing the issue can make a situation better. i, for one, was glad to find out that i was not the only one who thought that things have been a little different lately on the DB. i really love this board, and think highly of the posters, i'm just hoping to see the morale improve.

    i raise my glass to everyone!

    it looks to me like there are ways to deal with everyone's opinions/preferences without a big hooplah.:) i'm looking forward to good debate/discussion in the future with all of you. one thing that it seems we all agree on from the responses, is that we all appreciate the diversity of the of the different views we encounter, and that this board wouldn't be the same without it.:) to diversity!!!!!-nate

  • rob

    Cheers, everyone. I must agree on all counts. We can change the "air" around here by refusing to engage in these petty, name-calling squabbles. When dealing with petulant children, do we stamp, our feet, stick out our tongues and call them names? Okay, some of us may... Seriously, we can still have lots of fun and behave like adults, too. Let's not return evil for evil (gag... how biblical).

  • hippikon

    Nover too depf charrgs fanks barrnam.

  • Tina

    hi rob,
    Not all is petty to some people. But you're right achange of pace is nice here.regards,T

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