Please, help me to show the USA that a public inquiry into child abuse...

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  • Vidiot

    umbertoecho - "I felt sorry for Unthank and some of the unkind attitudes people expressed about him. But you know what? He did contribute in a substantial way.. to events that led up to this RC. He was online and in the papers. Not bad for a one man show was it?."

    Oh totally.

    Steve Unthank pretty much blazed the trail on your home turf, much the same way Barb Anderson and Bill Bowen did in the US.

    When the Commission was in full gear last month, I was imagining Unthank off quietly celebrating somewhere with a case of scotch... 'cause as far as I'm concerned, he'd f**king earned it.

  • mrmagic
    I have a letter template and a resource kit if you're interested.
  • bafh
    You can start a White House Petition. If it reaches a certain number of signatures, the White House is required to respond in some way.

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