Please, help me to show the USA that a public inquiry into child abuse...

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  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Thank you to Blondie, Abiblestudent, Vidiot and Umbertoecho for interesting and useful replies..

    I doubt I can help the SNAP network, all I can do is research online and emailing.

    I apologise for wasting people's time with that silly letter writing idea..


    On the topic of ways to initiate a national inquiry in USA, this is all I could find...

    The National Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities. (CECANF)

    There is nothing more important than the health and happiness of our children, and what they experience in their early years helps build the foundation for them to grow into strong, confident adults.

    But every year, more than 650,000 children across our nation suffer from abuse and neglect, and more than 1,500 die from this abuse. We are only recently becoming aware of the long-term impact of these preventable tragedies on our nation's physical and economic health.

    We were honored to host the Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities in Madison recently.

    The commission, formed by the Protect our Kids Act of 2012, is charged with developing a national strategy and recommendations for reducing fatalities. Members are currently working to raise visibility and awareness about the problem, review data and best practices to determine what is and is not working, and identify solutions.

    The commission will issue a report to the president and Congress in early 2016, complete with findings and recommendations that can drive future policy.

    The organisation I have contacted is called Every Child Matters.

    They were one of the founding members of the coalition that helped bring about the National Commission.

    From Every Child Matters website:

    We are proud to be a founding member of the National Coalition to End Child Abuse Deaths.

    Every Child Matters and its partners in this effort—the National Center for Child Death Review, the National Children’s Alliance, the National Association of Social Workers, the National District Attorneys’ Association,

    formed this coalition in order to launch a campaign to urge Congress and the Administration to address the fatalities that claim the lives of innocent children every day.

    The campaign's initial goal was realized in January 2013, when Congress passed the Protect Our Kids Act, which creates a bi-partisan, two-year Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities. For more information about the Act and the Commission, visit the National Coalition to End Child Abuse Deaths.

    I am not sure what use this is right now, but it certainly seems to be an interesting example of how these things can come about, even at a national level.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    [ A little more info on CECANF ]

    In 2010, the National Coalition to End Child Abuse Deaths, comprising five national advocacy organizations, was formed to address the escalating number of children in the United States who die each year from abuse and neglect.

    One major milestone in the coalition’s efforts was the introduction and passage of the Protect Our Kids Act of 2012, which garnered broad, bipartisan support in the House, passed the Senate unanimously, and was signed by President Barack Obama on January 14, 2013.

    One of the key provisions of the act was the establishment of the Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities (CECANF), whose mission is to develop a national strategy and recommendations for reducing fatalities across the country resulting from child abuse and neglect. It will do this by:

    Raising visibility and building awareness about the problem
    Reviewing data and best practices to determine what is and is not working
    Helping to identify solutions
    Reporting on findings and making recommendations to drive future policy
    The Commission is composed of 12 members, six appointed by the president and six appointed by Democratic and Republican leaders of the House and Senate.

    The legislation mandates that the Commission submit a report to the president and Congress on these issues within two years (with the potential to extend the deadline by an additional year).

    The report will detail specific recommendations for strategies to better track and eliminate child abuse and neglect fatalities.


  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Here is the petition for the ARC and a few links for anyone interested in how it was formed...

    As has been often reported, the Cardinal did not consider an inquiry restricted to the Catholic Church, proposed by some, to be appropriate - because there is no evidence to suggest this terrible problem is restricted to the Catholic Church. He welcomed the fact that the Commission will consider the problem more broadly as it has occurred in institutions across Australian society.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Just so this thread wasn't completely useless and uninteresting, I just thought I'd share this response from the President.

    (Only 4 days later, impressive!!)

    I directly asked him why the USA have not setup a public inquiry into child sexual abuse, like UK and Australia have done.

    Dear XXXX:
    Thank you for writing. Every child deserves to be cared for, cherished, and kept safe from harm. As a father, I understand there is no higher priority than raising our next generation with the support and resources they need to achieve their dreams.
    How we treat our Nation’s children sets a powerful example that shapes their character and influences the kind of people they will become.
    That is why my Administration is building awareness about child abuse, strengthening responses to it, increasing support for children in need, and implementing solutions from scientific research about what works for kids and families. I also signed legislation to create the Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities, and we are investing in evidence-based state and local programs that encourage positive parenting and help to prevent child abuse and neglect.
    To learn how you can help prevent child abuse, visit
    Again, thank you for writing and for lending your voice to this critical issue. When the well-being of any child is compromised, our country is deprived of enormous potential and our society fails to uphold our founding promises of dignity and freedom. Together, I’m confident we can safeguard a brighter future for all our daughters and sons.
    Barack Obama

    OK, I'm off for a while now.

    Have a good day everyone, and thanks for the replies ;)

  • Vidiot

    @ defender of truth...

    If that's real, I'm pretty sure it's a form letter*.

    That being said, a form letter (confirming that the issue is being looked into) is better than no letter at all.


    *And if it's fake, shame on you.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth
    Vidiot 2 hours ago
    @ defender of truth...
    If that's real, I'm pretty sure it's a form letter*.

    *And if it's fake, shame on you.


    Do you honestly think that I even have the intelligience to write something like that? I stink at letters.

    And is there any particular reason you felt the need to publically suggest I may be lying?

    Does it make you feel any better to put down the efforts of others?..

    Like so many other times on this site, I wish I'd never bothered..

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    And just to clarify, when I said in that earlier post that this thread was useless and uninteresting, I actually was refering to my posts, and my original idea of us all writing letters to the Whitehouse.. Which was hopeless and uninspired, to say the least.

    I did NOT mean that the replies were useless, just that the thread was founded on a dumb idea and never really went anywhere or will ever be looked at again. The thread will be useless in the future, because it had no real purpose or direction.

    I wasn't referring to others posts, it came out wrong.. :(

    I apologise if my words gave the wrong impression.

    The purpose of posting the reply from the President, which anyone with an IQ in double figures could deduce is almost certainly a form letter, was to show that even the Whitehouse reads our emails..

    So never feel that there is no point in making that point you've always wanted to make to someone via email, because you never know what might happen.. Someone will read it ;)

    (And if anyone ever says the Whitehouse doesn't bother reading what you have to say, please refer them back to this thread). OK, i'll shut up now :)

  • ABibleStudent

    defender of truth, This thread is not useless. You are at least trying to change things by getting involved.
    I have got similar responses from politicians including Barack Obama about tweaking the Tax Code to protect children from sexual abuse. Most politicians have correspondents that read correspondence to politicians and write non-committal form letters like the one that you received from the Obama Administration. Only four things motivate politicians: large donations; large, passionate groups of constituents; a personal stimulus; and an idea with little downside risk/effort and exponential upside benefit.

    You could write back to the Obama Administration about what laws does the President support that would effectively protect children. In 2008 President Joe Biden sponsored S. 2756 legislation to expand background checks for individuals working with/ supervising children: . It did not receive enough sponsors to be voted on the Senate floor, nor did it mandate that all organizations providing childcare or where volunteers would work with children were required to perform background checks.

    The bill to revise the Tax Code would require tax-exempt organizations to perform background checks and much more.

  • Vidiot

    @ defender of truth...

    Sorry; I meant it in jest. Should have used a :wink:.

    My apologies.

  • umbertoecho

    Oh, well no harm done then vidiot. I do see how we all get things wrong and say the wrong things...It's good you apologised. Defender of truth is sincerely on a good mission. And I say, good for him/her. It never hurts to start the ball rolling. That's largely what happened in this country. Lot's of little things became bigger and bigger, until it could not be ignored.

    I felt sorry for Unthank and some of the unkind attitudes people expressed about him. But you know what? He did contribute in a substantial way.. to events that led up to this RC. He was online and in the papers. Not bad for a one man show was it?

    Some people called him nuts, others a liar, others were just ignoring him and hoping to god he'd just go away. I think he wore himself out in the end. So, don't stop what you are doing defender. I don't think for one second that you are wasting your time doing this. Sometimes it's the path we feel we HAVE to follow for some reason or other.

    I think I'll call that Karma, or perhaps just a feeling that you are called to. So goon on you and don't stop.


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