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  • umbertoecho

    2014 for the beginning of Christ's reign; because the watchtower forgot to 'carry the 1'

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha.........love this sort of humour. It's as droll as it gets.

    You are definitely going to get roasted at the big A......

  • BluesBrother

    30 years time? ...Mankind has always been terrible at forecasting the future (look at the dubs!) but here is as good a guess as any:

    1914....Retained in some form but a clever twist of words will give it less or zero practical meaning. They will have to come up with a change of doctrine as the date becomes untenable ,as the "generation " did.

    The Organizational structure will probably be much the same, as will the preaching activity.

    Blood will indeed be probably a conscience matter, or science may come to their rescue and a synthetic blood is produced. They will be forced to introduce mandatory reporting of accusations of sex crimes by their members.

    Financial strains will get worse ...introduce tithing ???

  • millie210

    I think SloppyJoe called it pretty well.

    In addition I think there will be assemblies will be watched from home streamed online or on TV with some provision to make sure people donate.

    (just like the Mormons do it now)

    A university education program of their own (perhaps online) focusing on legal, financial and IT degrees. (tomorrows window washers and janitors)

    Witnessing will be done by those wishing to do so - an elite group kind of like pioneers are now. The rest will be assured their donations are "them being part" just like the Levite tribe did the worship and the rest supported that tribe.

  • apostrate

    Even if the WT should be forced out of business because of the pedophile problems, or because of having to file for bankruptcy, or whatever the reason, they would soon be back in business again under a different name. Perhaps some other super, uber JW would take it upon himself to reopen the franchise.

    It has happened before. When CT Russell died and Rutherford took over, his vision of the WT was completely different from Russell's. The name WATCHTOWER was just about the only thing that was retained.

    And, there will always be loyal followers that will go along with whatever changes are made, whether in doctrine, financially, or whatever.

    As for what those changes will be, it is almost impossible to predict. Just when you think that you have WT figured out, they make some radical change that no one saw coming.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila
    The Marvster
    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society WILL be dropped... I believe they'll eventually have to distance themselves from the 'WATCHTOWER', they already started by substituting

    I agree your idea Marvster, Little by little they are making changes and I believe they are setting the groundwork for making the change in 1914. Just not sure yet how they will pull it.


    but it's been said to me by those who are very much in, that the large assemblies are cancelled here in Australia.

    Wow, I didn't know that. That is a good thing. Before, the WT prided in saying that they would never cancel the great spiritual feast of food the conventions provided.

    FayeDunaway I didn't know you had lost your family. So I tell you what, Let's just sit back with some popcorn and watch it all come down and see our families come back to us.
  • elderINewton

    What will the Watchtower look like in 30 years?

    Will there still be a Governing Body?

    - Maybe - could go back to a president as well. I could see AMIII take over.

    Will they finally drop 1914?

    - Yes - only focus on world conditions telling us its bad.

    Will the blood doctrine finally be dropped?

    - They can't (lawsuit costs would be over the top). Medically this is more likely to become a non issue in the future, it will all be fraction based.

    Will disfellowshipping be dropped?

    - No - likely will have more vocal dissenters, so they will double down on this in some way.

    Will there still be Circuit Overseers, Elders, Pioneers?

    - Yes - but less CO's.

    Will there still be Judicial Committees?

    - probably more offenses for the JC's.

    Will they still have conventions 3 times a year?

    - No - will move to 1.

    How many meetings will they have a week?

    - No change.

    Will they still go door to door preaching?

    - yes.

    Will they drop the name; “Watchtower Bible and Tract Society?”

    - Yes, but due to lawsuits and bankruptcy, not for rebranding.

    How many members will they have worldwide?

    - 5-7 million. - With the majority in Mexico.

  • Crazyguy
    I too think the number of followers will go down. They are stagnate in so many parts of the world and with so many going to be dieing off over the next 20 years the number can't help but go down. I think l this is why they are so aggressively going after a the money now. They of course will not tell the general member that the numbers are lower, just like they don't tell them that there virtually no Kingdom halls being built.
  • apostrate

    Okay, I do foresee this happening,

    "The Artist Once Again Known As Prince" pools his resources with Miley Cyrus and Pharrell Williams and buy out a major interest in the WT Society.

    Twerking becomes an acceptable form of worship in Jehovah's loving Congregation arrangement and "You Sexy Ministerial Servant" becomes one of many new Kingdom Melodies.

  • Diogenesister
    MarvsterTalking of 1914, right now I'm watching one of JwFairytales' latest YT videos, Jehovah Bear and another character are in some future time talking with an elder who they tell that the 1914 prophecy is now actually 2014 for the beginning of Christ's reign; because the watchtower forgot to 'carry the 1' like they did when coming up with the fudged date of 607 but started with 606 and forgot about the year 0 not existing so carried the 1 to make it 607 (or something like that) so 1914 becomes 2014... I wonder if JwFairytales' prophecy will come true?

    Not to mention the initial calculation being 1915, & when the doctrine further "clarified"tm (evidently)in the 20's suddenly lost a year & became 1914


    I will hopefully be dead by 2034, so I don't care about 2050. Matter of fact, I don't care about 2020. I can't even imagine another year of WTBTS cult shit, let alone decades.

    Just this morning I was thinking," If I don't find "something" meaningful to live for, and soon, what's the point?" Seriously? I wish it was 200 years ago and I could seek a good death on the battle field, but that can't happen.

    Just slowly decaying in this cult is not an option. I'm being patient, I'm planning, but the day is coming where I leave the cult or this existence. I'm not trying to be dramatic and I don't want sympathy. I'm not even depressed, that's just the way it is. I'm being objective. This situation simply cannot go on.


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