JW Convention Programs 1969-1998

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  • Osarsif

    JW Convention Programs 1969-1998: http://jwnet.org/conventions/
    JW in Science Fiction: http://www.adherents.com/lit/sf_jw.html

  • slipnslidemaster

    Funny how I can't seem to remember any of the programs. I guess I must have blocked out all my bad memories?

    . o O (slipnslidemaster)

  • LDH


    I remember all of those from about 74 on! WOW what a trip down memory lane.

    I do NOT miss sitting in chairs for days on end 'learning' only to be punctuated by 'new releases' every several hours.

    As a matter of fact, when I went to the assembly in Bakersfield last summer, it was physically and emotionally painful for me to sit there and listen to all that drivel. I ended up leaving early on Saturday--and took my daughter to the mall instead.

    So much for a 'relaxing three day weekend'


    PS--I was IN several of those conventions prior to my 4 month disfellowshipping, LOL. But never after that. Makes you think, huh, about all the jw's used in demonstrations--has anyone heard of a reinstated one being used in a demonstration or talk? (I'm not referring to their life experience--only if they were used in the capacity of teacher after being reinstated.)

  • slipnslidemaster

    I can't even sit through a Watchtower study anymore without getting pissed off let alone an Assembly!

    . o O (slipnslidemaster)

  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    since we are on this subject of conventions, maybe some of you characters out there can relate to this. . .

    i remember sitting with my friends and attempting to be the first to applaud, thus starting a chain reaction which lead to the rest of the stadium applauding.

    this was especially easy to time during the sunday afternoon session, we would wait for whatever worthless annoucement spewed from the loudspeaker and then we would break into it,

    a couple of times, we got ahead of ourselves, and of course the looks would come from the neighboring dubs, but most of the time we hit it dead on and it sounded cool. . .

    anyways those were my later years when i needed amusement to endure the final hours

    still the wise ass

  • JAVA


    Thanks for the walk through the House of Horrors! Just think, we spent what little money we had and precious vacation time attending these mind-numbing sale campaigns.

    ...counting time at the Coffee Shop

  • riz


    Thanks for posting those gems of theocraptic advertising.
    I remembered quite a few of them. I also recall that they made good fans.
    They came in handy because every convention that I ever attended,
    the coliseums were hotter than Satan's Speedo.
    I used to think that people slept through the afternoon sessions because they were bored. It turns out that most of them had actually died from heat stroke.


  • COMF

    Something is wrong here. There was no district assembly in 1978. There was an international convention. I attended it at the Astrodome in Houston. It was the first year we had canned music instead of a live orchestra, and I was devastated because I had gotten to play with the orchestra for the first (and only) time at the 1977 district assembly.


  • COMF

    Ah, I see. The pictures aren't lining up correctly. It's there, just not over the correct year.


  • teejay


    it's funny, but i remember the ones from the eighties
    more clearly than later ones. i guess i was more of
    a believer then, and they meant more to me. ohh
    those days of blissful ignorance, hanging on every
    word coming from the mouth of "God's Appointed


    you were at the '78 Victorious Faith assembly at the
    Astrodome!?? i thought i'd seen you somewhere
    before!! i'm gonna hafta check my photos from that
    conv. and see if i caught you, by chance.

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