JW Convention Programs 1969-1998

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  • freeATlast


    wow! brings back the memories! thanks!

    I was only a kid (5 or 6 yrs old), but I remember in the early 80's going out in field service during the convention. And I see it was on the program! (usually the first day)

    Does anyone here remember that part of the program and how it worked? How was it arranaged? It must have been a logistical nightmare! thanks.

  • Thirdson

    I remember some of these but then again, when you've been to one you've been to them all...they don't change much do they?

    1978 "Victorious Faith". I went to Dodger Stadium for that one. It was my first visit to the US.

    1987 "Trust in Jehovah" Aptly titled because you shouldn't trust in the Watchtower. That year was the year of the famous talk on the second day:
    2:20 Responsible Childbearing in This Time of the End
    (See WT 3-1-88 pages 18-27)

    My ex-wife was pregnant with my son. He's 13 now and in 7th grade. I am madly saving for his college education and he's thinking of joining a branch of the armed services.


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  • Mr Magoo
    Mr Magoo

    Dark Clouds:

    Not beeing a JW (never has) but married to one I have attended a few conventios and are probably going this summer too. (This year I might stay out of the stadium most of the time though - its just toooo borring for me).

    The other day I was wondering what might happend if I suddenly stood up and applauded... I bet I could get the hole stadium up on its feet. LOL! (Exept the ones sleeping)

    Take care!
    Mr Magoo

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