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  • Munster Abu
    Munster Abu

    Hi everyone,

    New here but looking forward to joining in some of the discussions with you all.

    A small bit about me: I'm Shane. Was raised as a JW in the UK by my Mum (single parent family) from about 2 years of age. Got baptised at 15 for all the wrong reasons. Moved to Ireland as part of my exit strategy 20 years ago and still here.


  • Sabin
    Hello Munster Abu, It`s so nice to meet you. This such a great place to be. Only the best join, So they do. HAHA! SABIN
  • LAWHFol
    Welcome Shane.. You will find a variety of opinions and personalities here.. Just remember the beauty of life is diversity and the Path to Truth is adversity.
  • Munster Abu
    Munster Abu

    Hi Sabin, thanks for the welcome.

    Only the best join

    and yet I'm here.

  • Munster Abu
    Munster Abu

    Thanks LAWHFol,

    I have a diversity of opinions and personalities myself, so I should fit right in.

  • LisaRose
    Welcome Shane, come on in, sit down, kick your shoes off.
  • Munster Abu
    Munster Abu
    Thanks LisaRose but if you don't mind I'll keep my shoes on. It's been a long day and well..........
  • OnTheWayOut
    Hey Shane, it's good to have an exit strategy. Hope to hear more from you. Welcome aboard.
  • Munster Abu
    Munster Abu

    Thanks OTWO.

    it's good to have an exit strategy.

    Wasn't much of one really. Most of my mums non-JW family are here in Ireland so i knew if I needed material help etc I could ask them. Thankfully didn't.

    So the plan was to move to Ireland under the pretense that I was helping where the need was greater and eventually fade. Not long after moving over I was enjoying life as a young 20 -21 year old fella should do but quickly realised it was a small town and community and I was going to get rumbled.

    So I took control of the situation and DA'd. Many years later looking back at it I probably would just move again to where I wasn't known and fade that way to avoid shunning but hey it is what it is and i have no regrets leaving the JW's.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Welcome Shane!

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