why did the sacrafice have to be so BRUTAL

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  • paradisebeauty

    It was Satan who maneuvered the things this way. Similar to what happened to Job. God withdrew at that point, He allowed that Jesus would be killed but it was not Him who directed the torture.

    Satan was hoping Jesus would become unfaithful.

  • vinman


    Oh I guess you will believe it if it is on an episode Dexter. Never mind, myyy baaad, lmao!

    I have read a couple of your posts. While I'll be honest, I don't exactly like some of your language ( no offense) , I like your "critical thinking" that everyone on this site thinks they have mastered and have all the answers ( sort of like the GB). While I like sharing thoughts from time to time, this place can be laughable. Just because you can question things, doesn't mean you should question every piece of common sense. Anyway, keep it up.

  • prologos

    brutality? how about if Jesus would have really be impaled according to the conventional, not 'wt meaning' of the word? the pointed stake perhaps coming out his shoulder? the ransom is billed as the ultimate sacrifice, it certainly was not the ultimately possible agony inflicted. ever.

    shame on the rulers. or story writers.

  • paradisebeauty
    Prologos is right, they were very cruel in old times. Horrible cruel. I visited a museum with torture instruments from the middle ages ... horrible, unspeakable.
  • LAWHFol

    Psalm 49:7 - Truly no man can ransom another, or give to God the price of his life,

  • Vidiot

    Hard-core Christian parent (after making his tweenage kid watch Mel Gibson's The Passion*):

    "See, son, this is what the Lord endured to absolve you of your sins. The least you can do is keep your hand out of your pants."


    * Or as I call it, The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre. Shit, Hellraiser was less gory.

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